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The Maximum Lawyer Podcast Is Created by Law Firm Owners for Law Firm Owners

Whether you’re starting your firm or years into law firm ownership, you’ll hear the latest news, game-changing tips, and business strategies to give you support, grow your confidence, grow your team and grow your bank account.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Years of Maximum Lawyer

Reflecting on Seven Years of Maximum Lawyer

In this podcast episode, Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux reflect on the seven-year journey of the Maximum Lawyer podcast. They discuss the evolution of the podcast, their early tips and hacks, and the impact of vulnerability and authenticity on their success. 

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Things on the Calendar

From Chaos to Clarity: The Art of Putting Things on the Calendar

Tackling the storm of emails, phone calls, and meetings? What if we could navigate the chaos and take control of your time instead of being controlled by your crazy calendar?!

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Firm with Andrew Legrand

How to Choose the Right Software for Your Law Firm with Andrew Legrand

And it's not just the best either. It's “What’s the best for our law firm?” 

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Efficient with John Fritz

Being Hyper Efficient with John Fritz

Sometimes, it's about focusing your energy in one direction to truly make an impact. 

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for Law Firm Success 

Bite-Sized Solutions for Law Firm Success 

🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube here.

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Mouse Operation is This? 

What Kind of Mickey Mouse Operation is This? 

What about taking some of the best practices from Disney World and using it for our law firms? What would that look like? 

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Fit for Your Firm

Finding the Best Fit for Your Firm

Have you ever been frustrated with the traditional hiring process? Where gut feelings and limited information resulted in a measly 50% accuracy hire rate? What if we walked you step-by-step through a better way – that is not our own – But it’s based on the book called “Topgrading” by Bradford D. Smart, which dives even deeper into this topic.

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Convert with Brendan Ruane

Design Principles that Convert with Brendan Ruane

Discover how to optimize your website navigation, highlight important elements, and leverage the power of social proof. Tune in now and take your legal career to new heights!
Episode Highlights:
02:13 The importance of simplifying websites and marketing materials to avoid overwhelming users and cluttering up information

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Boom with Scott Rose

From Briefcase to Boom with Scott Rose

Scott shares how he overcame challenges during the Great Recession and found success in criminal defense.

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