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Tyson Mutrux
Husband, Father, Injury Lawyer, Podcaster, Maximum Lawyer Founder
Tyson Mutrux

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No Matter How Bad Things Get, There’s
Always a Way to Get Back on Track

Whether it’s a client fighting for justice, or a fellow attorney struggling with the
demands of running their own practice, I think everyone deserves a helping hand.

back on track

For more than a decade, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of providing personal injury services for Americans from all walks of life. Having built my practice from scratch, and now managing multiple office locations and a team of 22, I’ve completed a crash course in scaling and growing a successful firm - with more mistakes and wins than you can count.

Now, having built and implemented systems to improve my own law firm, I’m motivated to support fellow attorneys and practice owners so they can avoid making the same time-consuming mistakes I did.

It’s not about working harder or smarter, but working better.

The Day Before Thanksgiving I Had to
Find a New Job... and Maximum
Lawyer was Born.

Yep, my origin story is about as crazy to retell as it was to liveout. It was the fall of 2011, and I’d decided to give myself a 12 month deadline to ditch my current legal job and start my own firm. So, I set up a website to capture leads, slowly but surely over the next year.

Turns out my boss wasn’t so keen on my looming exit-plan and saw my website as a threat to his own firm. So, like a well-cooked turkey, I was done.

(Yep, you can bet that made for an awkward chat with my parents at Thanksgiving!)

While I could have seen this as a setback, I took it as a chance to hit the reset button. Instead of waiting another gruelling 12 months, I stepped into freedom then and there - and never looked back! And now, I'm here to help you find the same freedom in your life and career too.


You 100% Deserve to Be Happy,
Healthy & Wealthy as Sh*t

(and I Want to Help You Have All of Those Things…)

You already know your way around a courtroom. What you need a little help with (and it’s OK to admit it), is knowing the ins and outs of running a business with the same confidence you handle a case.

Mutrux Firm

That’s what I’m here for - and I’m driven to help others for a couple of reasons.

One, insurance companies are evil. And not like ‘Animated Disney Movie’ evil. I’m talking about companies willing to fight below the belt to deny justice to those who deserve it. And secondly, I unapologetically love what I do.

Whether as the managing partner of Mutrux Firm, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri, sharing the podcast microphone with my friend and colleague Jim, or supporting our awesome Maximum Lawyer community online and in-person, nothing gives me more joy than helping others. And although I might not be able to help everyone, I’ll sure as hell try.

Industry Experience

The Mutrux Law Firm, LLC

The Mutrux
Law Firm, LLC

Brown & Brown, LLP, Associate

Brown & Brown, LLP,

The Hammer Law Firm, Law Clerk

The Hammer Law Firm,
Law Clerk

St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office, Law Clark

St. Louis County
Prosecutor’s Office,
Law Clark

Dunne, Koenig & Green, Law Clerk

Dunne, Koenig 
& Green, Law Clerk

State Farm Insurance, Fire Claim Representative

State Farm Insurance, Fire Claim Representative

United States Army, Sergeant Medic, EMT

United States Army, Sergeant Medic, EMT

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Are You Ready to Get Comfortable
Being Uncomfortable?

I’m not saying you need to walk on hot coals or spend every morning shivering
in an ice bath. But if you’re serious about taking the next step in your career
and growing your law firm, you need to be willing to put yourself in new,
challenging situations.

maximum lawyer

That’s what Maximum Lawyer is all about. Jim and I didn’t create a dull online library of resources or snoozefest of a podcast that you half-listen to in the background. Our community holds growth-minded attorneys accountable and provides the hands-on, actionable strategies needed to achieve their goals.

Whether you want more free time, more cases that excite you, more capable staff, or more money than you can count, Maximum Lawyer can help - as long as you’re willing to be helped.

What holds most attorneys back is the good, the easy, and the comfortable. If you’re willing to be held accountable and identify your blind spots, I’ll help you enjoy maximum results in minimum time.

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