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A Career as an Attorney Can Feel Isolating at Times…

... And whether you’re running your own firm, or working as part of a team, it’s easy to feel overworked and overwhelmed.

Maybe you’re stressed about where your next case is coming from. You might feel like you’ve lost control of your time and you’re married to your business. Or, you could simply be frustrated that your idea of a career in the legal industry isn’t panning out the way you’d hoped.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, you don’t have to face them alone.

With a group of like-minded attorneys on your side, you can enjoy the support you need to get through your obstacles. And when you join the Maximum Lawyer Facebook Group, you won’t just be joining 5,000+ attorneys who understand how you feel - you’ll finally stop feeling like you’re going through everything alone.

Who’s The Facebook Group For?

We’re On A Big, Bold Mission To Create The Most Valuable Community Of Attorneys On The Planet/Internet.

That’s why we’re inviting you to the house that Mark Zuckerbeg built – Facebook. Our closed, 100% private  Facebook group is a safe space for attorneys to share their challenges, and receive unmatched support from others who have faced the same problems.

This isn’t just “some other” Facebook group filled with spam posts and argument-filled comment sections. Nope. This is a value-packed community built by attorneys, for attorneys, who don’t want to waste time or energy making mistakes.

It’s a place free from competition in a competitive industry with a foundation of respect, camaraderie, and freely-given advice.

Finally, you have a safe place to openly ask questions, without fear of being judged. Plus, tap into the hive mind of thousands of attorneys for proven strategies to advance your firm and career. From ideas to resources and solutions to your most challenging problems, the help you need to grow your career is just one click away.

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Take The Next Step In Your Career Armed With Expert Knowledge And Advice From Attorneys Who Have Done It All Before

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside The Exclusive Facebook Group...

Direct Access to Jim & Tyson

Direct Access to
Jim & Tyson

Jim and Tyson are always looking for more ways to support attorneys and are in the Facebook group to help.
Shared Business Resources

Shared Business 

Direct access to business-building resources used by other successful legal entrepreneurs.
Judgement-Free Zone


Feel free to ask questions, receive
support and share your industry
challenges without criticism or
personal attacks.
Join Us
It’s 100% free
5,845 members can’t be wrong
You’ll love our zero-spam and
zero-politics rules

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