Running My Own Law Firm: Day 1 ft. Paul Yokabitus ML115


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Paul Yokabitus, an estate planning attorney who has just launched his own firm: Cary Estate Planning, from North Carolina.

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  • His mindset
  • Background:
    • His early days as an attorney
    • Work experience: the advantage of working at a firm before opening your own
    • Learning systems, processes, workflows and customers
    • Referral networks
  • How has he spent his time in the ramp up to launching the firm:
  • Marketing:
    • Creating and maintaining deep relationships over time with clients and with key referral partners


“A lot of it was sort of carrying on from what I was already doing. Most of my referral partners they were loyal to me, they were with me before I joined my most recent firm, and they are going to continue to be with me moving forward, and that’s largely because I actually care about them. That’s something that I think people really lack when they’re trying to create referral relationships and networking relationships. A lot of people just got to an event and load a shotgun with business cards and just start spraying, but if you don’t follow up; ask questions about what are their kids names, what does their wife or husband do, were are they from, those are the kind of interests that build relationships vs contact.”


  • Social media and website content
  • Bought a lot of video equipment: for a video FAQs
  • Opening party and coverage in the media
  • Time structure moving forward
    • 2 offices: collaborating with other offices
    • Different days assigned to marketing and client meetings
    • Block scheduling
  • Answering services:
  • Focus:
    • Actual focus: organization!
    • Strength: bringing clients in
    • Weakness: management


“I just got to put the pedal down to the floor for the first couple months until I’ve got consistent revenue, and then hire out the staff that I am not good at.”


  • Bookkeeping:  spend some money to set it up correctly right out the box.
  • 5 years from now:
    • Meeting with referral partners and clients.
    • Plan strategy and implementation
  • The election of the name and including the location in the name:
    • SEO and Keywords
    • Low lawyer saturation in Cary
    • Active in the community
  • Choosing the location of the office


Jim’s hack: Focus on conversion/sign ups.


Paul’s hack: BombBomb, it’s an email platform that hosts native video, so you can send video within the body of the email without being redirected to another website. You can also live record!


Tyson’s tip: Writeyboards




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