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In this episode, Jim interviews Maddy Martin, Head of growth and education in,  a company known for superior virtual receptionists and intake services by phone. Listen as they immerse into what’s new in Smith; the launch of accurate and quick live web chat, ways to make a successful events for lawyers and all Maddy’s talk about referral marketing in the upcoming MaxLawCon19.

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  • New with

    • fast paced
    • Launch of live web chat
    • 24 7 chat pod that backs up live receptionist
    • Same receptionist quality as by phone/Quick and accurate
    • Program answers/Automatic response to website visitors or leads during after hour
    • Good match/Share link to calendar for consultation or payment page
    • After hour chats are free
  • New chat feature and possible feature of interest
    • Chat pod
    • Instant real time english-spanish translation
    • Transcript chats/Effective translation with no stalls
  • About Maddy’s talk in Chicago - at the time Jim and Tyson in San Diego “Traffic and conversion”
  • Hiring process
    • Use AI and automation
    • Initial screening: Hard questions upfront and technical tests/Receptionists work from home
    • Should have systems in place to allow to run software/Fast processors/Good communicators/Compassionate > Higher level of customer service than other jobs
    • Fast processors/Good communicators
    • Need to be compassionate/Higher level of customer service than other jobs/Talking to lawyers
  • What makes a successful event for lawyers

    • Fresh and relevant topics
    • Content focused on the business of running a law practice
    • Sharing pinpoints and new discoveries
    • One to one talk down model and more panels/Dialogue on stage/ClEs
    • Actionable and immediate content that can be put into practice right away
    • Actionable steps > “Don’t assume people know how to put in practice what you are talking about conceptually or theoretically”
  • Jim’s points
    • > Likes practical over theoretical
    • > Maximum Lawyers don’t do CLEs because of requirements needed
    • > Maximum Lawyers is practical/Comes from people like Maddy that are willing to share what they know
    • Zapier panels
    • Helping people speed up own development/learning from success and mistakes of people before them
  • Continuation of What makes a successful event for lawyers
    • Being directed on the Non CLE side/Continuing legal education
    • Gaps people have/Non legal education
    • Tons of CLE content/Non how in the CLE
    • Helping people with their productive, professional and profitable law firm.
  • Maddy’s talk

    • Referrals not being a growth strategy
    • Lawyers reliant on this channel/Not approaching strategically
    • Guidance > Help identify how to do referrals better > Make referrals oneself > Explore other channels > Supplement referrals with other strategic growth > Identify base on practice area > Much more opportunity is there for referral base growth
    • Screening process taking bad leads out allows to:Refer to other practices more efficiently, and build relationships and network to generate referrals/Target


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