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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Pamela Grady.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve the people and businesses of Madison Parish, Louisiana, and Warren County, Mississippi, Pamela co-founded Crews Grady PLLC in 2013 with the desire to empower her clients and her community. She utilizes her love of communication, technology, research, and planning to create successful outcomes for her clients and economic prosperity for her community.

She has a heart for public service and economic development and uses her relationships with her colleagues on the Bench and in the Bar in service of those causes. Committed to access to justice and to educating her clients, she is constantly searching for ways to utilize technology to reach those in need.

Pamela brings her background in agriculture and experience as an environmental and floodplain manager for the Department of Homeland Security to her real estate practice and is a licensed title insurance agent in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. With offices ideally located in Madison Parish, Louisiana, and Warren County, Mississippi, her real estate practice often involves the purchase and sale of large agricultural and recreational tracts situated in both the states of Mississippi and Louisiana on the Mississippi River. 

In addition to maintaining a real estate practice, Pamela has prosecuted and defended civil and criminal cases in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia in State Courts, Federal Courts, and before the American Arbitration Association. 

Pamela and her husband, James "Bud" Grady, live in Madison Parish, Louisiana, where they are raising their two children, Wyatt and Genevieve.

4:33 federal judge in Texas 

7:55 It’s been a real shift

12:34 you’re conducting yourself a certain way 

16:19 you’ve got to be upfront with people

20:40 she’s a great partner

24:30 who is this person 

29:05 you can take another step

34:17 yes ma’am

38:00 that was a fun game

Watch the interview here.

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