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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Meg Garavaglia.

Starting and growing Woven Legal has been both rewarding and challenging. Yet, it still pales compared to Meg’s most important work helping her son, Matt, who is now 23, arrive at a life of independence, pride in his accomplishments, and a network of support from his close friends and trusted professionals. 

She recognized from Matt’s extreme hyperactivity as a toddler that he was different. Still, she wasn’t prepared for the difficulties which lay ahead when in 3rd grade, he was diagnosed with ADHD and a Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. Additionally, Meg was told that he was “on the Asperger’s side of the spectrum.” These differences would profoundly affect his academic and social success over the next nine years, not to mention his self-esteem. 

It, of course, also took a toll on her family, particularly her marriage – but she had amazing mentors who told her, “Don’t quit before the miracle…” and she persevered. Looking back, Meg can clearly see the gifts she received from being Matt’s mom. She is more patient (most moms are!), more FUN (not taking herself so seriously), and more accepting of others. And, perhaps most importantly, through serving as Matt’s advocate, she was led to become absolutely unwilling to accept a FINAL answer as the FINAL answer when there’s clearly a better way. 

Meg believes Woven Legal may be the byproduct of that lesson. The legal industry has been a pressure cooker for years. The broken families and mental health issues that lay in its wake are no secret. There is a better, more balanced way for attorneys to work with top talent, and that’s what Woven Legal does. They place high-caliber virtual legal professionals to support busy attorneys so they can focus on growing and leading their firms.

3:25 the science of making paper 

7:27 no jerk policy

12:29 practice area alignment 

16:52 such rockstars 

20:50 learning lunchbox

24:38 all bets were off

29:07 personality plus

34:16 and everything in between

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