Design the Firm That Meets Your Needs with Brooke Lively and Pam Meissner
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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joins Brooke Lively and Pam Meissner of Cathedral Capital.

Brooke Lively is the Founder of Cathedral Capital, a team of CFO’s and Profitability Strategists who help entrepreneurs turn their businesses into profitable companies.  With expertise in growth management, creative problem solving and profitability strategy, Brooke has been featured in international media including Forbes, CNBC, and US News and World Report.

Pam is a unicorn of sorts. She is a CPA by schooling and experience and then she took the road less traveled. She worked for Large Accounting Firms, Multinational Corporations and Entrepreneur entities. In a career that spanned many decades, she has been a CPA, CFO, COO, CEO, StayAtHome mom, retiree and now a Coach of sorts. She worked in several countries in several continents. Pam hails from the best Fort Ever – Fort Wayne, IN. While she didn’t grow up here, she is a Hoosier through and thru.

Watch the interview here.

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