Personality, Partnerships, and Pandemics with Sophya Raza and Stephanie Jones
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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joins Sophya Raza and Stephanie Jones.

Sophya Raza is a Founding Member of Raza and Jones in St. Louis. Sohpya had wanted to be a lawyer ever since she drafted a contract  at the age of 12 for her mom and sister to sign involving her sister’s desire for a perm. It was this  first instance of helping two individuals resolve their dispute in a fair manner that hooked her. She has focused her practice solely on family law since graduating law school in 2002.

Stephanie Jones of Raza and Jones, came to a career in law a little bit later than most. She didn’t grow up saying she wanted to  be an attorney like a lot of her colleagues. She wanted to be a psychologist and help people.  But looking  back now, a legal career was always there. She negotiated her first “contract” with her parents her senior year in high school when she presented them a detailed PowerPoint presentation as to why she should no longer be required to have a curfew. In fifth grade, she won an award for “most questions asked.” Looking back now, it was clear that becoming an attorney was unavoidable. 

Watch the interview here.

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