A Globally Diverse Future with Bunmi Emenanjo
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This week on Maximum Mom your host Elise Buie joined Bunmi Emenanjo, an attorney with a biotechnology background.

Bunmi has a career that spans 17 years moving fluidly between the legal and biotechnology world. She started her career working in pharmaceutical litigation, before moving on to regulatory policy in emerging technology, such as synthetic biology and nanotechnology. She eventually made the transition to government ethics while working at the Food and Drug Administration. 

While her current profession is as an ethics attorney, she continues to pursue her various passions. A mother to three Nigerian-American children, she created Atlas Book Club, a book subscription box company focused on globally diverse children’s books, as part of her efforts to ensure that her children remain connected to their African heritage and continue to develop a global awareness through literature. 

A student of authenticity and vulnerability, Bunmi studies the teachings of experts such as Brene Brown and Pema Chodron, incorporating these lessons into daily life. An avid reader and culture seeker, she believes that a curious mind, a yearning for constant learning, a fearless pursuit of your purpose, and an active practice of giving and gratitude are key to living your best life.

Watch the interview here.

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