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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Hillary Walsh.

Hillary’s first interaction with a lawyer was when she was being placed in state custody (foster care), and today she is an immigration lawyer who helps noncitizens get status based on abuse from their US citizen family members.

Hillary is the attorney and owner of New Frontier. More importantly, Hillary knows what it’s like to experience detainment personally. She understands the fear of being left to the hands of law enforcement officers. She understands the confusion of navigating the courts, the fear, and anxiety and is able to empathize with others. Her personal experience led her to pursue a career in law in her professional life in order to defend people who are vulnerable to what they do not know about the system. She’s been through it, and it’s her passion to protect people navigating Immigration Law in these harsh times today.

Additionally, Hillary is a mother of four, a military wife, a law professor, and an award-winning immigration lawyer. She has 10 years of experience winning appeals, hearings in Immigration Court and has represented appeals in the U.S. Supreme Court. You can feel assured that she will do everything within her legal means to help you or your loved one.

1:31 I got my teeth kicked in there

5:15 princess this or princess that

9:25 if you’re not on the same team

13:16 when our firm broke a million dollars

17:13 I do have a lot of endurance

21:16 to keep up with rockstars

25:37 it is what it is

29:29 always do your best

34:02 I want everything done yesterday

Watch the interview here.

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