Practicing Law and Running a Firm with Geannina Burgos
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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Geannina Burgos. 

Geannina Burgos is a first-generation (born in Chile), second-career attorney (previously in the non-profit arts education sector, and a classically-trained dancer). She went to law school part-time in the evening (started when her daughter was 6 months old) while working during the day. She is a partner at a plaintiff’s disability insurance & ERISA firm, adjunct law professor, and serves on local non-profit/government arts boards.

3:29 it takes a village

7:34 thought process and emotion

11:18 dynamics

14:08 collaborative culture

18:10 collaboration not competition

21:49 disability close to my family

24:45 once a dancer always a dancer

28:15 art is in my heart

33:39 understand what you’re offering

37:14 maximum mom magic

Watch the interview here.

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