Sustainability and Growth with Devon Moody-Graham
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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Devon Moody-Graham.

Devon Moody-Graham is an international business strategist, consumer behavior specialist, and impact speaker with over 13 years of experience in new market expansion, marketing strategy, revenue stream creation, and business development.

She sees the desired end in mind for business owners and creates the roadmap to get there. Working with companies to gross over $4M+ in revenue and funding, she creates feasible revenue strategies to change the trajectory of a business’s life cycle. 

3:40 flexibility 

8:05 joy and self-care

12:11 these are the boundaries, and you are out of bounds

16:06 what type of life do you want

20:48 now I know how to do laundry

24:19 I have to walk in what I want to happen 

29:21 it’s such a learning opportunity

Watch the interview here.

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