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Are you looking for ways to spice up your team meetings? In the latest episode of the Maximum Lawyer Podcast, Tyson reflects on his law firm's recent quarterly meeting, which embraced a "Future is Bright" theme. 

Tyson shares the activities that occurred during the firm's quarterly meeting that can be impactful for staff. Activities included functional games that had a purpose. Some included playing games where you would get feedback from colleagues or games to get to know each other. The goal for these activities is to share ideas that could lead to a change in how something is done in the workplace or the implementation of a new process. Another aspect of these quarterly meetings is to go over the company’s core values, mission as well as the review of the past 4 months to see what has been accomplished.

Listen in to learn how to incorporate Tyson’s ideas into your quarterly meetings!

Episode Highlights:

  • 1:35 Explanation of the theme for the quarterly meeting 
  • 4:32 Description of the light-hearted activities that happen during the meeting
  • 7:03 Discussion and sharing of simple yet impactful ideas
  • 10:01 Review of priorities and future focus for the upcoming quarter


Transcripts: Setting Up Your Quarterly Meeting with Tyson Murtux

Tyson (00:00.636)
Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Maximum Lawyer podcast. This is one of the Saturday episodes. Thank you so much for listening. These are bite -sized action episodes. And so they're meant to be short. My last one was a little bit longer than I expected it to be, but that is completely fine. But I, in that episode, I mentioned talking about what I did for this, this quarter's quarterly meeting.

And so I'm going to talk about that because we did it different than what we normally do. Normally what we'll do is we'll have, we'll send out a very, very, a very, or somewhat detailed survey. Last quarter we did an extremely detailed survey, which I find was, was the best way of doing it. But as I mentioned in the previous episode, this is one where I wanted to give everyone kind of a break a little bit where everyone had really been working hard.

and I wanted to reward them a little bit for that by not bombarding them with an extremely dense quarterly meeting where we're just really digging in. And we were able to achieve a lot of the same goals, just it was a lot more relaxed.

And the slides reflected that too. So it was a really, really cool feel. And you know what, for people that are watching, I guess I can pull this up briefly and I'll show you the intro slide just to kind of show you what it looks like, because it was a different, definitely a different one from our normal. The theme of the quarter is future is bright. Okay, future is bright.

And I'll tell you how I came up with that in just a moment. Before I do, if you have something you want me to cover on this show, I'd love for you to text me, because I like hearing from you. And I like getting ideas. I love it whenever you are, because there are things that I may think that are really tiny that I don't really think you all would want to hear about, and you all tell me otherwise. So I would love if you told me, hey, I want to hear about, you know,

Tyson (02:20.19)
Whatever, you name it. Something that I've mentioned that you want me to cover, let me know and I'm happy to do it because that's where I get a lot of great ideas from you and I just kind of overlook them. So, text me 314 -501 -9260. So shoot me a text, 314 -501 -9260 and just let me know what you want me to cover.

Or if I glossed over something in another episode, we're like, hey, I'd like to hear more about that. Just tell me. Love to hear from you. So do that. But the theme, I'm gonna get back to the theme of the quarter because it actually comes from a couple things. The wording of it specifically where I came up with future is bright. It's kind of a play on, or it is not a kind of, it's an actual exact rip off of.

a guy named Pat, Pat bed David, and he's got a podcast. It's a really well -known podcast. So many of you probably know who he is, but he, he's got a, well, it's funny cause I'm an injury attorney, but I'm kind of talking about this guy that owns an insurance company, but he is a really positive guy. And he's, he's been kind of down with the negativity of the world. And so he's trying to push the idea of futures bright. I like it. But Jim,

sent me a text message a couple weeks ago, and I had sent him a something, I'd sent him a card or postcard or something like that, and he's using it as a bookmark, and he showed me the note, and in there I said, the future is bright. And the quarter, so fourth quarter, our theme was a little bit more intense. It was about going to war. And so,

I wanted to make it a little brighter because it is. The whole point of it was is like, listen, you all are working hard. The future's bright. You know, we've been going through some really tough things recently. And so let's keep fighting. The future's bright. And I wanted to kind of pass it on to people. So the agenda, what we did was it was a lot more lighthearted than what we would normally do, where we usually will…

Tyson (04:43.838)
We'll mix in things that are lighthearted. The games we would normally do usually are kind of games where you would get feedback from people. And I kind of mixed in some of that a little bit. But with this one, I started, I intentionally started it and I will always start with music during the breaks. There's always music. So when we take our 10, 15 minute breaks, I'll actually, I'll have on YouTube, I'll like search like positive music or if I'll…

If there's a certain theme for the quarterly meeting, I'll search that type of theme and I'll play that music during the breaks. And at the beginning, um, I, by the way, I put a lot of work into these. These are, these are something I, I prep these like I prep a trial. All right. They're very, very detailed. So I, I, that's why in the last one, I was very ticked at myself that I screwed up the survey, uh, which I talked about in the last one for teammate of the quarter. I'd, I'd screw that up. And I was so ticked because.

I test the links and I do all this different stuff. And I get help from people. People are usually, this one I took all on myself, but usually what I'll do is I will have, I'll split up things of the agenda. And I didn't do that this time. I intentionally didn't do that this time. But what I did is I started with a game, I guess it's a game kind of, something we call Sweet 16. We do it at my house with my family. We do it. And…

It's something that there was a guy in, I think his name's David Glover. I think the guy in St. Louis that has a radio show and they, I don't know if they still do it. They used to do this thing called Sweet 16 where, and I think this is apropos because it's Marsh Madness time, but you would go through and we'll pick a topic and we will then vote on who makes it to the next round. So on this one, I just picked the first thought that popped in my head and it was,

best toys of all time. And it was really just kind of interesting because you go around and so everyone gets to get a pick. So you go around, everyone picks who they think is the top toy and you go around, you vote. And you go from round, round, round. And then you get to the final four and then you get to the championship game and then you pick a winner. And it was…

Tyson (07:05.95)
It was fun. It was a lot of fun. Everyone really enjoyed it. So that's a little something. It was not business related at all, not one bit, but it was a cool little thing for everyone to do. And so if you need ideas, that's one of those things that you could do if you want to. So I recommend that you check it out. And then after that, we did a…

played a video and this is something where I mentioned about texting me if you have an idea. The video was obvious to you, amazing to others. And the whole video is about, you know, there's things that you have or that you do or ideas that you have or things that you do that seem very obvious to you, but not to others. They're amazing to others. And so everyone watched that was like two minutes. It was a really short video.

And then after that, we had a discussion. We broke into groups and we had a discussion about things that we think might be really obvious, but they might be amazing to other people. And this is one of those sort of those quote unquote games, that one really wasn't a game, but what we would normally do is have some sort of game instead of the video, and then we'd go into a discussion and you start to collect information. And we did that with that one where…

We broke into groups and then we reconvened and everyone shared what they had. Because I wanted to be able to start to share small in small groups and then get into the big group and then share. And it was great. I had some of the best ideas we've ever had. Really cool ideas. Like such, it was great about it. Such simple ideas that have a massive impact. It was so cool. A really good idea. Or.

Not really good. We had a lot of great ideas. It was awesome. So then what we went into, and we do this during every single meeting, and that is we go over our core values, we go over our mission, we go over absolutely everything. So we have our one phrase strategy. So one phrase strategy is a really important thing. Strike fast, strike often. We even trademarked it. So…

Tyson (09:27.518)
and we go through what that means to everybody. So we go through our mission, we're living in the playing field, so our clients have access to the medical care they deserve, money to rebuild their lives and equal access to justice. So, and we go through each of our core values, we go through our X -factors, our brand promises, what our grant guarantee is if we don't actually meet our promises. So we go through all that. I think that's extremely important to continually remind our people.

about those and so that's something we do. And then after that we go through our Q1 review, that's what we did. And we'll always do that too, so we'll do our quarterly review. So these are the things that we set out to do and these are the things that actually happen. And you know what, news alert, we don't always achieve them. We don't always achieve them. Sometimes things happen and you don't. So.

but you learn from them, that's what's great about it. So sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but as long as you're learning, that's what matters most. And then after we do that, after we go through our review, this is where we spend a good amount of time. What are we doing well? That's the three questions. What are we doing well? What should we start doing? And what should we stop doing? Okay.

Those are immensely, immensely powerful questions because you'll come away with a list of things. What was interesting is that when things are not so great, okay, you're gonna get a lot of the, what should we stop doing and what should we start doing? Okay. And what I was very happy with is we didn't have a whole lot of those this quarter. It was good. We had great feedback, it was awesome. So we're not perfect, but.

It was great. We had a lot of, it was interesting with, because we have a new team basically. We've intentionally gone through some turnover with the top grading. It's been a, now at this point about two year process. But it's been intentional and it's the team we have is just, I'll put it against anybody is what I'll say. I'll put it up against anybody. It's pretty awesome. But so we've, I think because of that, we've made a lot of great moves.

Tyson (11:53.374)
fairly recently and so things have been looking good. But after that, we go through our priorities and our rocks for the coming quarter, is what we do. So we go through, okay, what are our priorities? What are we gonna focus on? And what are our rocks? I can talk about that stuff in another episode. That's definitely a more detailed episode that, yeah, it would take way more time. They may not even be a short episode, but I can talk about that in another episode, because that is pretty detailed.

And then I ended it with one of my favorite Ted Talks. It's about 23 minutes. And actually, I don't think that most Ted Talks are that long, but they gave Brene Brown like 23 minutes on this one. I don't know what the actual average time is, but I don't think it's normally 23 minutes. I even think that she got like the, hey, get off stage thing, because there was a moment where she kind of almost acknowledges them, I think. But it's the dare to be.

Here's what I put it, the video, Dare to Be as Great as I Know You Are. That's not what the name of the video is. It's the one where she talks about the quote, daring greatly. And so I intentionally, I really wanted to have that quote in there. And so we talked about that a little bit, but we didn't have a discussion. I I kind of gave, what we did was essentially, I gave like a couple of minutes at the end of it for people to kind of chit chat a little bit about it.

talk about the video because they loved it. There are people actually like tearing up a little bit which I thought was interesting but we watched that video and then right after after a people just kind of chitchat for a second I went into the wrap -up which is kind of like my rah -rah speech for the next quarter and it was it was great it was cool you know people teared up I may or may not have teared up myself I won't tell you but it was

It was cool. So it was a different feel this one. I'm not usually the soft, you know, frou -frou type, but I did this quarter and it was, it worked out well. But I've talked about other quarterly meetings, I think in another podcast, but that's what we did this quarter. Hopefully you all got something from this, this podcast and from me talking about this, this quarterly meeting. But I would love, again, I'd love to hear from you. If you do have anything you want me to cover on the podcast or if you have any questions about.

Tyson (14:15.646)
this agenda that I just went through for this quarterly meeting. But I'd love for you to text me 314 -501 -9260. And if I've not told you who won the Sweet 16 and Legos was the winner. So I hope some of you all were wondering that the whole time, but Legos was the winner. But.

Time to wrap things up everybody. Have a wonderful week. Until next week, remember that consistent action is the blueprint that turns your goals into reality. Take care everybody. See ya.

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