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Today we’re excited to share a presentation by Tyson Mutrux from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn about why you need more nerds and weirdos in your life.

Tyson always wanted to be an attorney, but when he was younger, he didn’t think it was possible. Neither one of his parents graduated from high school, and money wasn’t something he had a lot of. His dad and mom both worked two jobs and taught him the value of hard work. As a mechanic, his dad knew how grueling manual labor could be, so he intentionally wouldn’t let Tyson work on cars so that he wouldn’t follow in his footsteps.

He owes a lot to his parents, his wife, his family, and his friends for where he is today. Tyson can point to two moments in his life that led him to become a lawyer. The first may seem trivial to most, but it isn’t to him. On his high school graduation day, Tyson received a book from one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Morgan. The book? The Street Lawyer, by John Grisham. The plot of the book isn’t what mattered; it was the message. Mrs. Morgan had always encouraged him to become a lawyer, and this was another nudge down that path. With the simple act of giving him that book, she was telling Tyson to follow his dream. The book is great, by the way – he still has the original she gave him.


1:38 these are my nerds and weirdos

4:08 I like weirdos a lot

9:00 Jim’s feet in socks and sandals

12:00 unlock your inner weirdo

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Transcripts: Nerds and Weirdos w/ Tyson Mutrux 

Becca Eberhart
In today’s episode, we’re sharing a presentation from Max law con 2021. Keep listening to hear Tyson matrix as we share his talk, nerds and weirdos. You can also head to the maximum layer YouTube channel to watch the full video. Have you grabbed your ticket to this year’s conference? If not, head to max law con 2020 to get yours today. Now to the episode,

Speaker 2
run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum layer podcast, podcast your hosts, Jim hacking and try some new tricks. Let’s partner up and maximize your firm. Welcome to the show.

Tyson Mutrux
All right, so I’m gonna talk about nerds and weirdos, which are probably thinking, what the hell’s he talking about? Which I’ll get to in a second before I get to that. So these are my nerds and weirdos. It’s my wife and three kids. Amy, you’ve seen her in the hat all week. So I don’t know about you all. But if I go on a trip, and if I don’t bring back a toy or something, this is my son Hudson, he gives me this look. And he says, hey, you know, he gets angry, right? I got to bring a toy back. So I know some of you probably need to scramble to bring something back to their kiddos. Anybody here still need to do that, you know, teddy bear or something? Okay, so can our people come over and hand these out, keep your hands up, if you want to bear. This is Ouchy. Bear this our firm bear. It’s pretty cool. It’s got our logo on it. It’s pretty neat. So keep your hands raised if you still need a bear. Okay. And this, I’m gonna weave this in to my presentation a little bit. These reminders and weirdos by the way, these are all matrix people. And by the way, Jane right here, she designed these, and she’s really gonna be mad at me in a little bit. I promise you. Okay, keep your hands up. If you want to bear wild and go around. I don’t want to delay things. I want you to think about the people that are in your life. Okay, who are they? You know? What do they mean to you? Right? What are they in your life? When did you meet these people? And I’m talking about all of them from the moment you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to bed? Who are these people? You know, where did you meet them? Why did you meet them? Why are they still in your lives? Because I’m gonna make the case to you that you need more nerds. And you need more weirdos in your life. So I first wanted to find a nerd for you. I actually this is I looked this up. This is actually the definition a person devoted to intellectual academic or technical pursuits or interests. And I think that that probably is most of us in this room. Right? It’s definitely most of us in this room. I think I probably consider myself more of a nerd. Amy who has not seen this presentation yet. We’re back there. She says, you know, I think you’re the nerd and I’m the weirdo and I probably agree with that. There’s another one I found this this is a little image I found the internet intellectual badass as another way of putting it I know a lot of you are intellectual badass is Brian Mittman intellectual badass. Christopher nicolaysen Gretchen nicolaysen intellectual badass is Mark Beeman intellectual badass Justin Koontz, intellectual badass a lot of your intellectual badasses, right? That’s part of the problem is there’s a lot of intellectual badasses in here. But as Bill Gates says, Be nice to the nerds because the probably going to be the boss right? Many of you are the bosses, right? I hired an intellectual badass anthing. Lairmore mad French intellectual badasses. But you’re welcome. That’s not necessarily the secret sauce. The secret sauce is something else. It’s the weird of the weirdos. A person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric? I wouldn’t say Christopher nicolaysen is also a weirdo. He’s kind of in the middle. J. Ruane weirdo for sure. Jim hacking. I think we all know he’s a real weirdo. Jane in my office, a real weirdo. Okay. I like weirdos a lot. Jim hacking? Right? Yes. He didn’t know that. I asked to take a picture of him two days ago, because of this right? Total total weirdo. Right? But why? Like, why are these weirdos? So important? I don’t know if you know this. But Jim hacking is pretty well known, right? He’s a well known person he owns though he owns the fact that he’s a weirdo. The socks and crocs thing. Everyone talks about it. Everyone talks about it. Bernard Nonnberg sent it a socks with our faces on them so that that picture could happen. Right. And Amy Poehler talks about this. Like there’s power in looking silly and not caring about it. You own it. Right? You own it. I think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, especially as nerds. Most of us, so we just we take ourselves too seriously. For those of you that have not seen this, this is a zoomed in picture of these socks, where his right foot is my picture and left foot is Jim’s picture, but it’s a real deal. But Why else do we want this? Right? We want to break the status quo, right? Having these weirdos is great because they don’t do things the way everybody else does them. Right? Jim hacking does not do things the way everybody else does them. Big Mike, I’m going to call you out because you called me out yesterday does not do things the way everyone else does them. And what do you remember? You remember Big Mike, call me by big I think is what it is. Right? You remember the socks and crocs? You remember those things? Because they’re breaking the status quo. They stand out, right? They stand out in a crowd. They’re different. A lot of us nerds we don’t write. We put our heads down. We do the work. And no one knows about it. Right. No one knows about it. A lot of you are amazing lawyers. And I don’t know what damn thing about you. Right. I think you might be a good lawyer. I don’t know. I happen to know Brian Mittman is a really good lawyer and business owner because I’ve had good conversations with him. But if he and I had never spoken, I wouldn’t know. I have no clue. But the weirdos my wife weirdo stands out, right? The hat was not part of this gimmick but the hat. You know, she’s my wife, right? People know she’s the one that hat right? I can’t tell you how many people oh my gosh, she’s alone with a hat. She’s got so much energy. She’s a weirdo. Right? She stands out. I’m gonna pick on Jim a lot, right? Jim is a weirdo and I love him like Max law would not be with Max law without the two of us. Nerd weirdo. Baca nerd, right. It’s important.

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Tyson Mutrux
I just searched socks in The Guild. And these come up like NATHAN HARRIS, right. He put on socks and Crocs and took a picture of it and put it in the group. Right? Like what are you all doing? That’s happening people do that? Like that’s awesome, right? I’m gonna get the pictures on that I do. I actually I did not do it. But my weirdo wife did it and it’s got people doing the same thing. But like then a second. So Ryan lock does a video in the shower. Right? Post it in the guild. And then Stephen Levkoff Ryan’s work better view Ryan’s face in the shower or Jim’s feet and socks and sandals. Right? It’s on the top of his mind all the time. Okay, how many of you when you came to St. Louis said, I want to see the socks and crocs who at least thought about it. Right? It’s insane. It’s the dumbest thing, but it’s IT people remember it right? People remember in gym owns it. I would never wear socks and crocs but he owns it. Here’s another one. Mike Alby Jim hacking. Birkenstocks are always impressive. I need to get some neon green socks to take it to the next level. He’s on a ladder, wearing socks and crocs. He has someone take a picture of him and he posts it. It’s insane. There’s another thing though, right? So I’m talking a lot about the business owners being nerds and the business owners being weirdos. But I don’t know if you’ve tried to hire lately. But it is difficult. But I think that there’s an advantage. There’s something that people don’t think about. We’re all fishing out of the same dirty pond right now. We’re all putting the ads on indeed. Eat or maybe you’re hiring zip recruiter or maybe even tried LinkedIn. So we’re all fishing out the same pot. But I think there’s a select group over there and I picked this up, you’re able to read this. But it’s funny because this is a manager website, and they tell you about hiring. And they point out things that make you look like a weirdo and as you why you might not want to hire someone. And there’s like a long list of reasons why you might not want to hire somebody. And this one is talking about, you know, sending flowers, candy or other gifts to the hiring manager. Like who would here if you’ve got a gift from a weirdo potential employee would be like, yeah, that’s badass. Like, I would love that. Right? I would love that. We’re told not to be weirdos, you know, you go to the job interview and you sit down and you got to be polite, do this. Look for the weirdos look for the people that can make your business different. Look for those people. There’s a problem, right, Tracy back there total weirdo, mad French, also a weirdo. But I kind of have to channel their creativity sometimes because it’s like that picture. And they’ve got all these ideas. And I’ve got to try to it’s a good idea. But let’s kind of keep it in, right, let’s do a little bit, but you at least got to channel it and use it for the good things, right? You’ve still gotta take those ideas and use them for good. This is a picture. And this word, Jane is gonna be so mad at me and look at her face. She is horrified. She’s looking the other way. But my weirdo Jane, she found out she bear. She’s like, I mean, she did this on her own. By the way. We didn’t pay for those bears. She went out. She designed the bears. She paid for the bears. And she hand delivered the bears to our clients. She’s the one that’s on the phone with them all the time. She’s the one crying with them. She’s the one laughing with them. Right? She’s a weirdo, but we channeling it get channeled the right way. And that’s why you want the weirdos, I want you to unlock your inner weirdo and I want you to unlock the inner weirdo of your employees. Okay, I think we try to suppress it. Sometimes we really try to suppress especially me, I put up these walls around me and I tried to look nice and neat. And everything’s perfect. And our systems are great. And the reality is, our systems are not great. They’re always working. We’re always working on them. Right? We’re in the middle of a migration into a new system. And it is chaotic, right? It is chaotic. It’s part of the new system, right? But just who we are, we got to show who we are. So my my wife is she’s like if you took a bottle of soda, and you shook it up, and then you took the lid off of it. That’s what she’s like, but she’s a total weirdo. And over the last two years, she has shaken up our marketing, right? She has really put a spotlight on us as human beings. And I think that that’s really, really important. That’s a part of showing off that you’re a weirdo. It’s good. And you got to put it out to the world though. Being okay with yourself and being comfortable with yourself. And I talked about it a couple years about Stop the bullshit and all the insecurities and all that right. That’s really, really important. But then you have to push it out to the world, right? Gotta let people know who you are. You got to show people your socks and crocs, right. as embarrassing as that might be to be a human being put socks and crocs on their feet. People remember it right? They do. So this is a picture. Okay, so I added this last night because Big Mike put it in a slide. And I want to make sure people knew that was me. Right? That was me. And I was so pissed off that my wife posted that on the internet. Did you do it? Or was it my mom, one of you did it? You did it. And I’m on this text chain of about 35 lawyers, and it pops up every year. And then in the middle of summer sometimes like hey, just as a reminder, this is Tyson you know, and they have a little fun with it. They send it to me all the time they pat it does the rounds, but people remember it. Right. And the other one you already saw it is the My weirdo family. It’s the oh well. I wanna start with the Alto. I skipped a step. This was actually marketing though. By the way. This whole thing was actually marketing. We did a Santa Claus event where my dad says dressed up as Santa Claus. Don’t tell him he’s it looks like an awful Santa Claus. He’s got the fake beard and everything but he has a lot of fun with it. Amy’s dad dresses up as the Grinch. He takes this rubber mask and put it over his face and he’s about to have a heart attack whenever he’s wearing. He’s sweating. But we all dressed up like weirdos, right? And this last year because of COVID we actually drove around the neighborhood in a parade and throughout ornaments and stuff right? We were showing off our inner weirdo and it was a lot of fun and people remember it right. And then this other thing is this is when I was really upset with because this is the one that really makes the rounds I’m in the top left corner this is my weirdo family. It’s a great family photo I love it but I don’t want I didn’t want the public to see it right I did not want the public to see it but it shows that we’re human right it shows that we do dumb thing. You know, it shows we do fun things, but it just it’s it makes you memorable, right? People remember it, this photograph and the L photograph will circulate for years and years and years because my wife had the she had the guts to put it out there, right? You can’t embarrass her. Right? I need more of that. I know that. But we all do. Right? We need to get more of ourselves out there. We need to get more wear socks and crocs out there. You just need to do it. So the question is, will you be a weirdo with me? Will you be a weirdo with me? Will you let’s hear it. All right. Thank you.


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