Starting a Firm Two Weeks Before Lockdown w/ Tom Kayes 321
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This week on the podcast Jim and Tyson chat with Tom Kayes, a civil rights lawyer representing people beaten and sexually abused in prison, victims of police misconduct, women sexually harassed by landlords and other housing providers, and delivery drivers in the gig economy. 

7:47 a successful Uber strategy
10:09 starting a firm 2 weeks before lockdown
11:43 the workspace you want to create
15:45 managing many different practice areas
20:10 what would you delegate if you could
23:38 automations and outsourcing

Jim’s Hack: Re-do your phone home screen to put all social media on the farthest screen inside a folder to make you more mindful of the time you spend on social media. 

Tom’s Tip: Don’t try to build systems in your business before you do the things, build them incrementally as you learn about it. 

Tyson’s Tip: The text function Twilio to send out text messages. 

Watch the interview here.

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