“The Winding Path” w/Pete Salsich 154
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Today on the show we have Pete Salsich, an experienced intellectual property attorney whose practice is focused on advising large and small companies and entrepreneurs regarding the creation, protection and use of intellectual property, in both litigation and transactional counseling, particularly in the media, technology and entertainment industries. In this episode we’ll discuss leaving a big firm to start a smaller practice and the perception challenges involved, working in intellectual property and entertainment law, and creating a personal brand while working in a larger firm. Hacking’s Hack: Buy Dan Kennedy’s new book “Marketing to the Affluent”. The introduction alone is worth the investment. Tyson’s Tip: It’s summer time, we’re in the middle of June, things start to slow down, take a little time and sharpen the saw. Use this time to refine yourself and your craft. Pete’s Tip: If you don’t figure out a way to have your clients tell you about their business without charging them you never get the chance to find out how to help them see the forest from the trees. For more content from us please subscribe to our Youtube Channel Don’t forget to sign up for MaxLawCon20! Thanks so much for listening to the show! If you want to know more about this and keep on maximizing your firm, please join our Facebook Group or like us on Facebook and comment! You can also go to or, if you’d prefer, email us at: Interested in being on the show? Shoot us an email at or message us on Facebook! Welcome to the Maximum Lawyer Podcast. Partner up, and maximize your firm.


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