The Space Between Finding The Client and Signing The Client with Harlan Schillinger and Eric Coffman Pop-up Episode
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In this Pop-up episode, Tyson interviews Harlan Schillinger and Eric Coffman, Co-Founders of LeadDocket, a simple lead tracking software for law firms. Listen as they dive deep into its features and advantages going over the importance of follow up and communication.


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    • About LeadDocket
      • Intake and Conversion for Lawyers
      • Law Firms getting into advertising
      • Leads and accountability


  • “What is going on in your office?”


    • LeadDocket’s beginnings
      • Dino Colombo and Eric Coffman started working on software for their own needs
      • Partnering up


  • Conversion


      • “In any Law Firm, the biggest problem, the biggest challenge, is in what we call “the chase”… It’s not answering the telephone or signing the client, It’s that whole in between piece that when the client says “let me think about it”.
    • A software to solve own business problem
      • 30% increase in sign ups
      • Majority of firms had intake problems
    • LeadDocket formalizes the process to make sure that every lead is handled through a defined process
    • Text Messages
      • Text Messages VS Email


  • “You have to be able to connect with people in the way that the want to be communicated with.”


    • LeadDocket is the beginning; Up into the point they are signed up they’re in LeadDocket.
      • Integrations with other Platforms
      • As you become a client, there’s a different system
    • Automation of Text Messages and reminders




    • Specifically built for the legal industry
    • Follow up to make sure leads don’t get lost
  • Dealing with Clients


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