The Power of First Impressions ft. Jill Nelson ML039
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“Attorney customers, almost all of them, are going through a time of stress. Recognizing that and acting accordingly is key.”

In this episode Jim and Tyson interview Jill Nelson, the founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists, a virtual & live answering reception service, and will explain why creating a wonderful phone experience can help us grow our business.

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“We live and breathe to keep alive those personal meaningful connections…”

Jill Nelson:

“Wonderful receptionist + great technology”.

“We speak as if we were part of your practice and have the right information at our fingerprints”

Hacking’s hack: Meet Edgar will take in all of your posts in social media and re purpose them. Also, great Blog. This article about Facebook Live is awesome.

Jill’s tip: A new feature in the Ruby mobile app. “The return call” feature. When you host your phone number with Ruby and want to make a phone call through the ruby app, you can do that and it will publish your business caller id.

Tyson’s tip: You can get custom labels, magnets and stickers of your firm or whatever you want. It’s really cool!

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