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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Billie Tarascio a family law attorney who runs her own law firm: Modern Law. They will go over her firm and her business paying special attention to how she analyzes and track data, the systems to do it, and how she implements all this to run her law firm.

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“I felt like we were so busy, but yet there wasn't as much money in the bank as I wanted, and that led me to start thinking more like a business owner and mapping out processes and figuring out key performance indicators.:”

3 KPIs:
Productivity and Customer Service

About Billie:

The Firm:

Hacking’s hack:
Slow down your sales process: “we only need to be ready to receive someone when they’re ready to hire us”.
The more we slow it down, the more deliberate we are, and the less pressure we put on them, the more often that they’re gonna hire us. Don’t seem desperate.

Billie’s tip:
Look at your campaigns again and make sure that they are asking for the right questions and not being pushy, and we are not just talking about how good we are, but instead we are addressing our clients needs so we can be there for them.

Tyson’s tip:
A book.
Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World (Que Biz-Tech) by Peter Shankman


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