The Advantages of Working as a Solo with A Big Firm Behind ft. Dayne Phillips ML120
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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Dayne Phillips, a Criminal Defense Attorney at Price Benowitz LLP. Listen as Dayne tells his story about meeting Seth Price and how he affiliated with him, having the best of both worlds, working as a solo with a big firm backing him up.

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    • Transitioning into a solo practice


  • Found The Maximum Lawyer Podcast


      • Listened Seth Price and John Fisher’s episodes
    • Becoming a lawyer at Price Benowitz LLP
      • Started a conversation with Seth and John
      • Went to meet Seth
      • Started working as an employee of a big firm but as a solo in South Carolina
      • The best of both worlds
    • The entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA
      • His Grandfather opened up one of the first well driller business in South Carolina
      • Made the risky decision and took the leap
    • Seth Price and John Fisher
      • Something special about them
      • Wanting to help others do well
      • Selfless giving
      • Providing information above the fold
    • The mindset in the affiliation
      • First was all about trying to use BluShark
      • Meet with him personally in DC
      • The possibility of a partnership
    • The impressive process of Price Benowitz LLP
      • Client intake
      • Follow up
      • Inhouse accounting, marketing, all handled in house.
    • Advice to other attorneys in a similar situation:


  • Never hesitate to reach out to someone for help


    • Dayne’s set up and arrangement
      • His own website
      • His own marketing with PB logo
      • Highlighting himself and his local and personal branding
    • The advantage of having a big firm backing
      • Trust
      • Confidence
      • Extra backing as a selling point
    • Seth’s managing style
      • Full confidence
      • Liberty
      • Not micromanaging
    • In the future


  • Expanding to other practice areas



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Jim’s hack: A Reddit Ask me anything! Hop on a topic that’s in the news!


Dayne’s tip: Accurate mileage reports. All in the palm of your hand.


Tyson’s tip: The Glympse app; if you want somebody to know your ETA.




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