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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Steven Lefkoff, an attorney that specializes in the Motor Vehicle industry and Fair Business Practices Act. Steven runs his own Law Firm, Lefkoff Law, and he is trying to bring in a new focus and make it his primary business; Small Claims Coaching. Listen as they go through his process and midnset going solo and then starting a new practice area within his law firm.

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    • Steven’s background and reasons going out on his own
      • Introduced to a solo attorney in Law School and interning with him
      • 7 years of experience > reached the growing roof in the firm
      • Discussed going solo with his boss
      • June of 2017 started his own practice
    • The best of running your own firm
      • The Business side
      • Help people while staying within their budget
    • Advice to himself when going solo
      • Take your time and plan
    • The best decision since starting his business
      • The decisions he hasn’t made yet > he is still himself and Ruby receptionists
      • Having fun planning his branding
    • 1st year of practice
      • Automation > documents, emails, follow up
      • A lot of clients came from his previous job
      • Strategy > Growing the firm’s resources
      • Relationship with clients


  • New Practice Area > Coaching Small Claims Clients


    • Lack of counsel in how to present in Court
    • Gap in the market for Civil litigants to represent themselves
    • Tiered system of flat rates > 3 flat rates


“A lot of times, it’s actually beneficial for the clients to represent themselves instead of having an attorney there”


    • How to get clients
      • Lawyer referrals
      • Lead magnets:
        • eBook, Youtube, Google, educational and information products
    • Developing reputation and relationships with clients and referral partners
      • Working on the process of coaching
    • Scalability > The Market is enormous
    • Figuring out the kinks of the business
    • Having a system in place


  • Next steps


    • Turn meetings from personal meetings to a bit more informal
    • Write how the process works in Magistrate Court
    • Tailor the coaching into materials
  • Studying information and education products


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Jim’s hack: A movie: 99 Homes. A recently unemployed single father struggles to get back his foreclosed home by working for the real estate broker who is the source of his frustration.


This movie crystalizes what a lot of our clients are going through on a daily basis.


Steven’s hack: Slick Deals.People post delas on different products, and you can set alerts for anything you need.

Tyson’s tip: Dan Kennedy’s most recent book: Magnetic Marketing: How To Attract A Flood Of New Customers That Pay, Stay, and Refer, by Dan Kennedy




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