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From a small immigration law firm job to one of the top 20 Business Immigration Lawyers in the Nation by HR Executive Magazine, Sameer thought he was at the pinnacle of success.

Like many, Sameer felt like something was missing, and he was faced with learning more about himself which began his journey of self-discovery. Understanding who you are, which is an ongoing process, and how that work is instrumental to having a vision and building a business based on that vision is what makes all the difference.

Going back to square one, he decided to branch out on his own and find that connection with his work. He soon realized that he valued three things: freedom, service, and being a disruptive force.

Building from his own experience as an immigrant and corporate immigration expertise, Sameer works to help highly skilled immigrants that struggle to navigate the severely arcane immigration system.

2:17 need to fit in

6:38 helping individuals

11:16 I don’t have to do it all myself

14:51 decision to niche down

19:06 I just start talking about this

24:03 there’s so much more

Jim’s Hack: People always say, “I don’t know what to do.” If you find yourself in that situation, Les Brown said, instead say to yourself, “If I did know what to do, what would I do?” Presume you do know what to do, and just do that.

Sameer’s Tip: Check out the chrome extension PDF Friendly. It makes any web page print friendly & PDF.

Tyson’s Tip: When evaluating anything, always start with the positive and then move into the negative. This mindset shift is hard to change because it goes against nature. Don’t ignore the negative; just practice starting with the positive. 

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