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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Marisa Portuondo, a solopreneur who runs her own business law practice in Miami, Florida. They will go over her journey as a lawyer and entrepreneur paying special attention to her marketing and discussing ways to improve it. Also, her biggest struggles and the value of assistants.

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Marisa does basically everything for business owners: that is transactional or litigation. That has  branched out into construction, because a lot of her clients are in the construction industry. Recently she started doing property damage.


Her Firm: Portuondo Law Firm


03:14 – Experience

Marisa has a lot of experience in small firms and learned many valuable lessons about running a law firm: “I learned a lot about how to run a law firm and how NOT to run a law firm from the different bosses that I had.”


03:59 – 1st Day as a Solo

“I just thought, I don’t even know how to get clients! Marketing has changed so much since then… ”


05:17 – Marketing

“Whenever they think about a property claim they think of me, because they don’t know any other property claim attorneys.”  Main marketing is word of mouth


08:39 – Her Struggles

Marisa’s biggest struggle is that there’s just never enough time. Marisa has a background in information systems, so she’s now implementing automation and starting to see how much more efficient she’s becoming.


09:57 – Her team structure

They will go over Marisa’s team and her new mindset about virtual assistants.


12:44 – Technology

Marisa’s main software is Practice Panther


14:30 – Flash Forward

“I don’t know if I ever want to become a big firm. I don’t know if that’s the lifestyle that I wanna lead.”


15:30 – Why do Marisa does what she does

“I just love helping business owners… I’ve learned a lot about business and I love sharing that information”


16:53 – The Advice

Get staff earlier!   


20:01 – Hack and Tips of the week


Hacking’s hack: Jim’s been listening to James Schramko and he has a tutorial named “Own The Racecourse” The best articulation of the mindset that you should have when creating content.


Marisa’s tip: Automation. Get it done. Dig in into your software and automate. If you don’t have one, get one.


Tyson’s tip: Tyson’s in the process of hiring 2 new employees and has one very simple piece of advice: make sure that you have the job applicants make them send you a copy of the resume in pdf format. That simple thing is gonna weed out the people who can’t do that single and simple task.




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