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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Shawn Hamp, a criminal defense lawyer who lives in the Cincinnati area and has an office in Arizona. They will go over his business and how does he run the law firm remotely. Management, employees, clients, intake, systems, logistics, team communication and more!

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A lifestyle decisión:
Shawn and his wife decided to raise their kids in Cincinnati where they’d be close to their family. So he would have to run his law firm remotely...

“It was kind of the second leap that I had to make. The first leap was going out on my own after leaving the county attorney's office.”

There were a lot of steps to make this happen. Some of them:
- Figure out what type of courts that he could appear remotely in.
- Coordinate logistics logistics of computer systems and phone systems.
- Key hires of attorneys that could do the day to day court.

“Basically what I do full time now is work on marketing, intake and administration of the office. It’s business development. Fortunately, that is the kind of stuff that I love doing.”

Also, they will discuss the difference between finding clients remotely in small cities and big cities.

“I have a competitive advantage because I am a big fish in a small pond…Even if it’s remotely”

About Shawn:
Shawn Hamp has practiced law for more than 17 years with emphasis in criminal law:

The Firm:

Hacking’s hack:
A book. Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success. by Benjamin Hardy.
It’s about how we need to spend more time setting up our environment for success.

Shawn’s tip and hack:
Hack: An app: BIGVU: A teleprompter video recorder so you can do selfie cam videos while reading the text from the screen of your phone.

Tip: Focus on local search. Because everything these days is about above the fold on Google, being on map packs, being on mobile search. Getting reviews. Making sure your name and address are correct. SEO. Traditional content is changing.

Tyson’s tip:
Another podcast! Business Wars
They go through a variety of different companies that fought each other.


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