Helping Law Firms Scale Their Business with RizeUp Media
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Marketing your own law firm is an ongoing job for us entrepreneurs. A job that RizeUp Media has taken off owners plates, as they offer marketing services. In this episode Travis and Vaidas deep dive into the do’s and don’ts for lawyer websites. As well as short term and long term marketing strategies according to your firm’s needs. Let’s dive in!


1:12 RizeUp Media’s sweetspot and how they help lawyers market themselves!

2:47 What does this “help” look like for lawyers? 

4:28 Step one: you need to know your marketing need …

9:20  Lawyer websites done INCORRECTLY! 🫣

15:22 How different is better than better —- but what about the things that are similar on lawyers websites!?

19:40 Tips for people who need to get cases in the door right NOW!



Jim’s Hack: Use the app Read Wise which takes all your Kindle reader highlights and it will email them! Which is great to retrigger some of the thoughts that you had about the book you read. 


Travis’s Tip: Make sure you are tracking all of your different campaigns separately. You need to KNOW where your people are coming from.


Vaidas’s Tip: Answer the phone when it rings with a human! After all the work and money you’ve put into marketing make sure this next step is in place. As well as, know how your staff is interacting with your potential clients.


Tyson’s Tip: Use the Google Chrome extension called Checker Plus for Gmail. It allows you a quick peek into your email. You can send out a quick email or check a top priority email without getting sucked into email. 


🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube.



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