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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Walter Reaves, a criminal defense lawyer from West Texas. Walter is having a marketing issue: he is not having the cases that he wants. They will discuss about different marketing strategies to solve this problem and improve his business.

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“Every time I’ve narrowed my practice and narrowed my marketing I’ve made more money.”

The cases that Walter likes are DWI’s and basic misdemeanor stuff like possession of marijuana, theft and assault. And if he could choose 1 type of case that would be the minor drug cases… A problem in Walter’s website: his videos are very general and very broad. This means that he is going to get a broad number of questions. He should narrow down the type of cases that he wants and start creating content on those.

Mentioned resource: Build To Sell

About Walter:

The Firm:

Hacking’s hack: Involves a phrase that we are hearing a lot: Know Love and Trust.

To do business with someone, first they have to know us. Then, they have to likes us. Then. to trust us.    

We have to have marketing that’s devoted to getting them to know us, and that is rising up their hands. Then how we get them to like us; giving them consistent good content for free. And trust is when they make that decision to actually hire us.

Walter’s tip: Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

by Donald Miller

Tyson’s tip: An app. VIDEORAMA. Edit video, add text. Perfect app for IGTV!


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