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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Gary Falkowitz, Esq., founder & president of Maximum Intake Consulting and author of the book The Complete Guide to Law Firm Intake. They will go over his career, his firm, the book, and strategies to convert qualified leads into retained clients and maximize marketing campaigns.

Gary is an expert in intake and he has consulted with lots of law firms.

The firm:
The book:

“As I began to investigate law firms, I realized that we as an industry where not putting enough focus or effort into the front end of our business. We were spending a lot of money, we were making a lot of money, but we weren’t maximizing the return on our marketing investments.”

How do you as fast as possible convert a qualified lead into a retained client?

Use e-contracts!
“If you are not using them you are hurting yourself.” In the race of conversion anything that can help you to sign clients faster is a must.

Conversion percentage:
“Say you have 100 leads, and 50 of those qualify for retention (they meet your law firm’s criteria and you want to get that person signing with your law firm). Your conversion percentage is determining how many of those 50 did you ultimately sign.”

Biggest mistakes of the intake process:
Your ability to respond to web leads. How fast are you responding?
“Who is gonna win? The best law firm? Who knows what the best law firm is!? The law firm first to respond is gonna win.”
Follow up.
“Picking a law firm sometimes is not the most important thing going on. That’s why follow up is so important.”

When to stop following up?
“Don’t give up. Keep calling until you hear those words: I am not interested, or I have hired another law firm.”

16:11 - The balance between having an attorney handling the intake vs having staff dedicated to intake.

25:41 - How is it like to work with Gary?

29:57 - Suggestions on questions to ask during a interview.

32:01 - The mindset when evaluating or beginning to evaluate systems.
“Am I maximizing my investments?”

Max Law Con: May 17th and 18th

Hacking’s Hack:
Read Gary’s book! The best lawyer book I’ve read win a long time! It is so important to listen to actual lawyers.

Gary's Tip:
Listen to your staff on the phones. If you can’t come up with 5 suggestions to improve those callas, give Gary a call, he will tell you he is sorry and wrong. Lol.

Tyson’s Tip:
Tettra, a wiki for slack teams.
Help your team make better decisions in less time. Tettra is a knowledge management tool for modern teams


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