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Let’s talk about design! Design is something that so many law firm owners don't spend enough time thinking about. 


➡️ What does your design say about your company? 

➡️ Should you create a brand book for your firm? 

➡️ What are some design mistakes that you’ll need to avoid? 

➡️ Does design really matter? 

➡️ How often should you freshen up the look of your website? 


These are some of the questions that our guest — Lauren Felter is answering today. 


She's a design educator for non designers and a former ladder climber. She spent the first decade of her career overseeing marketing operations and technical systems for a university admissions office, while also teaching design as adjunct faculty. Then in January, 2020, after intense burnout and an identity crisis at the top, she decided to blow it all. And do it her own way. So she turned her highly sought after university design course into one specifically for professionals like lawyers and business owners who aren't graphic designers, but find designing an inevitable part of their regular to-do list. 


Episode Highlights:

02:06 Laura’s journey … and and getting results 

09:19 Design tips that attorneys should know …

11:51 Creating a brand book for your company 

12:44 Design mistakes to avoid …

15:34 Paying five bucks for a designed logo on Fivverr may not be a good idea … here’s why 

17:52 How do you remove your personality, out of the branding? 

20:01 How often should law firm owners be thinking about freshening up their look? 


Jim’s Hack: How often do so many of us feel like we have to justify taking care of ourselves to make sure that people don't think we're too highfalutin? We don’t have to justify ourselves to other people.  

Lauren’s Tip: You are allowed to change your mind. If it’s not working or serving you right now you are allowed to figure out what's a better fit for you. Pivoting is not failure. 

Tyson’s Tip: Read the book Fascinate by Sally Hogshead to deep dive into creating an irresistible brand.


🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube.


Connect with Laura:



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