Using TikTok As A Law Firm Owner with Kathleen Martinez
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What if you could grow your leads, following and relationships with clients using social media marketing that cost you nothing? That is what our guest on the show, Kathleen Martinez did with TikTok. 

Showing off her funny, controversial, and passion for immigration law, Kathleen has grown her TikTok following to over 800K+ by showing up consistently and being herself. 

In this episode she goes over tips and tricks she’s learned along the way of growing her TikTok following as a law firm owner. She also dives into an easy way you can get started today on social media. Including biggest marketing challenges and making sure you set up an easy funnel for your leads to reach you AFTER they watch your videos and consume your content. 

Listen in!


Episode Highlights: 

1:54 Meet Kathleen

2:58 How to be a full-time virtual law firm?! 

4:07 What would be your biggest challenge as a law firm owner?! Including the biggest mistakes on TikTok …

6:02 TikTok process from Kathleen … including a call to action  

10:38 How long until you see traction on TikTok

12:55 How to post on TikTok AND Instagram … 

13:46 Using TikTok as a funnel 

14:36 What’s upcoming in TikTok land?!  

16:23 TikTok as a search engine?! And will TikTok overtake YouTube 

18:57 Starting out on TikTok?! Listen to Kathleen’s first steps here … 



Jim’s Hack: Jerry Seinfeld quote from an interview that he gave with a Harvard business:

“It’s very important to know what you don’t like. A big part of innovation is saying, you know what I’m really sick of? For me, that was talk shows where music plays. Somebody walks out to a desk, shakes hands with the host and sits down. How are you? You look great. I’m also sick of people who are really there just to sell their show or. So what am I really sick of? Is a great place for innovation to begin.”

So I just love that we can ask ourselves “What’s something that’s annoying me or that I really don’t like?” and then go against the grain and do something else.


Kathleen’s Tip: Do not be afraid to not only use social media, BUT be yourself on it! There are no judges on TikTok, their just regular people who wanna get to know you as a person, also as a lawyer. So show up as “yourself!” 


Tyson’s Tip: A trick to “be yourself on social media” is to visualize yourself being yourself and being that positive presence, in front of the camera. It’s an effective and simple tool that I recommend.


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