How to Successfully Hire and Implement Your First Virtual Assistant w/ Joey Vitale 411
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Today we’re excited to share a presentation by Joey Vitale from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn about how you can be more resilient in the seasons of uncertainty.

Joey is the founder of Indie Law and trademarks are his jam!  One day a client – who did not have a trademark registration for her brand – called Joey in tears. She’d gotten a cease and desist from someone who DID formally trademark the brand she’d been using. But because they beat her to it, she had to shut down her entire business operation immediately. 

It was heartbreaking beyond words. That’s when he decided he wanted to go full force into trademark work: making it his mission to help keep good people from losing what they worked so hard to build.

As it turns out, choosing a “niche” to focus on was a game-changer for Joey – and for his business. He was able to learn absolutely everything there is to know about this specific area of the law. And he was able to grow his business to include a team of AMAZING people to help make the process not just tolerable for clients, but a total delight.

1:11 lawyers get vulnerable

4:26 the scariest moment

7:40 who are we being 

10:49 the trust seesaw

14:11 all about culture

17:16 positivity and possibility

Watch the podcast here.

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