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Calling all lawyers — you might relate to this episode — when you've had a team member call you out. This happened to Jim the other day and in this episode he and Tyson reflect on what happened and the falling out because of it. It’s probably not what you think.


It’s about numbers and it’s about keeping an eye on your firm's roles. Are they all filled? Do you need more people? What kind of people? Jim and Tyson fill in the conversation around what they do for the team and the numbers they track as well. (And you should be tracking too!) 


Let’s dive into today’s episode and wake up call. 


Episode Highlights:

04:59 RSF (relentless solution focused) and putting Jim in the hot seat today!

07:29 When you have an entire system helping to sign up cases … this is what it looks like

09:28 Starting in January goals … 

11:02 Going back to numbers you need to track … according to Jim.

13:45 Looking at season over season numbers

17:38 Hiring a director of sales? 


Jim’s Hack: the Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck M.D. Making the case that you need to be in therapy, like it's really about doing that hard work. it's a real clarion call to wake up and accept the fact that things are hard and then soldier on, hopefully with the help of someone that you can confide in and talk to and who's gonna call you out on your shit. 

Tyson’s Tip: Mindset shift: Ask the question of “What can I learn from this?” to open your mind to learning.


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