Episode 77 ft. Kelsey Bratcher: Automation & Systemazation In Your Law Firm


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Kelsey Bratcher, an Infusionsoft, Zappier and all around software guru. They will go over his career, his experience as an automation guru and the best ways to implement automation and systemazation in your business and in your law firm. Great take aways!

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The sites:
Kelsey is starting a podcast called “Get Automated”. It should be getting out in the next couple of weeks. We will let you know!

Hacking’s Hack: Twitter has opened up the number of characters that you can include in your tweets. From 140 to 280. With that they have also increased the number of characters you can use in your username. Maybe you can change your username to a more suitable one for your business. Up to 50 characters. It will show in all your tweets.

Kelsey’s Hack:
A couple of books.

Tyson’s Tip: Slack, the paid version. It will make your life a lot easier with a lot of new functions.
The hack within the hack: Make your virtual assistants single channel guests.

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