Episode 75 ft. Chris Homer: Legal Marketing and Branding


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Chris Homer, a legal marketing expert. They will go over legal marketing strategies and the main topics and concepts of his firm’s book “Online Law Practice Strategies: How to Turn Clicks Into Clients”: the importance of legal branding, referrals, networking, growing leads and more key concepts to help you grow your business!

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Chris Homer is the legal marketing expert in GNGF (https://gngf.com/), a legal marketing agency. Their main focus is to educate and empower lawyers to grow their business. They deliver CLE’s, they have webinars and books, etc.
The Book: https://gngf.com/learning/our-book/
Get 50% off the book: Use the code maxlaw50

Exciting news! We have decided to have our very first Max Law Conference here in St. Louis in May, 2018. The venue: St. Louis University School of Law: Our Alma Mater. We are starting to line up speakers and it is going to be a great day and a half. Listen to the episode and get informed! We will have awesome speakers!

Hacking’s Hack: Concentrate more with noise reducing headsets and music that helps you relax! It will help you focus!

Chris’s Tip: Constantly Google yourself. Look up what people say about you and be aware of what’s out there. Focus on fast load time on mobile. Key.

Tyson’s Tip: Set up your content calendar. If you need a sample email us and we will send you a sample. If you can get organized by January 15 for the rest of the year, you are going to have a head start against all these other firms.

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