Episode 5: Niching Down
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“The Riches are in The Niches”

In this episode Jim and Tyson share with us their personal experiences about niching down and how it helps to grow your law practice and firm!

You can’t do more than 2 practice areas well and neither market more than 2 well. Niching down makes your marketing and processes easier, it makes you more efficient.

Referral network. You can feed it and it can feed you right back (clientwise). Other lawyers who work on other practice areas refer you and you refer them.

Fact: Look around and see the most successful lawyers in the country, you’ll notice they do 1 thing or 2. If you have 12 practice areas in your website, it may look better but your message is garbled.

Get the client to the door, then you can be the best lawyer, but to be the best lawyer you must know and master your practice areas. If you focus on many you will never be a good lawyer.

Tyson’s Tip: Slack.

An app for mobile and desktop to communicate with your team. It’s free. You can share and coordinate everything.

Hacking’s Hack: A simple Hour Glass (or 50 minutes) to FOCUS.

Shut down everything that distracts you and just work for 50 minutes. Then take 10 minutes to stretch, walk, talk with your employees.

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