Episode 36: Infusionsoft and Systems 101 ft. Jason Oesterly


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Jason Oesterly, owner of Washmo Media LLC an Infusionsoft certified partner, and he will explain us how systems and infusionsoft can help our business.

Jason has helped us start Maximum Lawyer and he is our go to guy when we have questions about Infusionsoft, our Client Marketing System. https://www.infusionsoft.com/

Great episode. Full awesome and really useful tips.

“Whatever system you are going to take a look at, being Infusionsoft or any other, you should focus on what are your needs today, where do you want to go, and make sure that you are not gonna be put on a corner stuck with a system that won’t grow with you. A system needs to scale as you need you scale”

Hacking’s Hack: Upwork! https://www.upwork.com
I’ve just found an immigration paralegal on Upwork! Great employee, simple, fast, cheap!

Tyson’s Tip: Create blog posts through WordPress from your phone whenever and wherever you want. Use your time! Create content!

Jason’s Tip: Test your site. https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com
Test My Site is an easy way for businesses to measure their site’s performance across devices, from mobile to desktop, providing them with a list of specific fixes that can help their business connect more quickly with people online. Businesses just need to type in their web address and within moments they’ll see how their site scores. They can also get a detailed report with tips on what to do next, and where to go for help at no charge.

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