Episode 16: Accounting


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Are your accounting books in order? As we always say: let the experts do their expertise.

In this episode, Jim and Tyson have Jill Ulett: The Accounting Girl as a guest and discuss about the importance of having tidy accounting books!

As a lawyer you will have to keep your books tidy: the IOLTA accounts are tricky and should be set straight. Get a system in place, get somebody who understands how to move the money back and forth and can help you figure out these processes.

In accounting and law practice you have to have your clients best interest at heart, you have to view them as a whole person. Sometimes you are dealing with damaged people, injured people, and life frustrations. Invest in your client. Feel and root for them. Support.

Relationships. Partnership. “We are going to meet each other halfway to make your life or business a little bit better.

LAWYERS! Get your IOLTA accounts in order and get your retainer reports in order. Know what is a billable cost and what not, and make sure that the ones which are billable are tied to clients. Operating costs, get everything categorized properly. When you are able to give your CPA proper financials that flow correctly, it makes their job easier and keeps your costs down.

Accounting Girl is your personal part-time accountant and virtual CFO, rescuing your company as if in the next phone booth, er… office. Accounting Girl senses when she’s needed (usually by receiving a signal via phone or email) and is at the ready! Her virtual CFO signals are so strong, she picks up your accounting distress from anywhere in the continental U.S., from her St. Louis-based accounting radar.


The Accounting Girl uses https://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/: QuickBooks makes online accounting easy.

Jill’s Hack: Set up your expenses to be predictable. You can set up most of your utilities on budget billing, and anything that you can get to be the same amount every month and set up those plans can really help predict expenses and keep things static for you.


Tyson’s Tip:
https://www.libsyn.com/ Libsyn provides everything your podcast needs: publishing tools, media hosting and delivery, RSS for iTunes, a Web Site, Stats, Advertising Programs, Premium Content , Apps for Apple, Android & Windows devices.

Hacking’s Hack: http://mastermindexperience.com/. The Mastermind Experience is a private event capped at 15 lawyers, so you’ll focus on working only with those who want to grow. You’ll have multiple opportunities during the day to meet everyone at the Mastermind Experience and focus on how you can help them, and how they can help you.

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