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In today’s episode we join Robert Von Dohlen, a divorce lawyer for professionals based out of Houston Texas.

We’ll discuss joining the legal field from an unconventional background, the challenges of communicating with clients in difficult life situations, marketing to upmarket clients, how FirmFlex has helped his social media strategy, and how to handle the intake process in a smaller-sized practice.

Hacking’s Hack:

Check out the Google Chrome Extension “Facebook Timeline Eradicator”-it replaces your news feed with an inspirational quote so that you can check your notifications without getting sucked into the news feed scroll.

Tyson’s Tip:

We threw a costume contest on Facebook and had a ton of interaction and feedback. Try to throw relative

Robert’s Recommendation:

Shoot some video this week. Take your phone and shoot a 60-second video on the problem that you solved that day.


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