“Client-First” w/Don and Edith McClure 152
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Visit for complete show notes of each podcast episode, tips, hacks and more resources!  Today on the show we have Don and Edith McClure, some of our first listeners and owners of a successful car and refinery accident practice in Houston Texas. They’ll talk about maintaining strong communication with clients without losing time and focus to the work, practicing with your spouse, feedback on MaxLawCon19, and whether or not Jim or Tyson is the fan favorite. Hacking’s Hack: Alycia Kinchloe talked about the importance of reading every day at the conference. It’s important to read about your practice area in general. Tyson’s Tip: During the summer we tend to get lazy. Look at it as a fight. Think about how it will make you feel to win that fight, and how it will feel to lose that fight. Don’s Tip: We use Ecamm Live for all of our live-streaming needs. You get lots of extras like lower thirds, comments, and other features you only get with a service. Edith’s Tip: Check-in to your business on social media when you are there physically. It lets people know you’re available. For more content from us please subscribe to our Youtube Channel Don’t forget to sign up for MaxLawCon19! Thanks so much for listening to the show! If you want to know more about this and keep on maximizing your firm, please join our Facebook Group or like us on Facebook and comment! You can also go to or, if you’d prefer, email us at: Interested in being on the show? Shoot us an email at or message us on Facebook! Welcome to the Maximum Lawyer Podcast. Partner up, and maximize your firm.


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