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Today we’re excited to share a presentation by Brian Reidy from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn more about sales and making a client’s life better based on what you have to offer.

Brian was a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney. As a prosecutor, he successfully upheld convictions of murder, home invasion, and burglary. He spent also two years in the Juvenile Division, where he worked closely with the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), the Office of the Public Guardian, and the Public Defender to find permanent solutions for Illinois families involved in suspected child abuse, neglect, and/or dependency.

Many years ago, Brian had to face a custody battle right when he was hired by the Cook County state’s attorney. He was a brand new attorney, and he was suddenly involved in a custody battle. Brian was scared. He didn’t expect to be in this situation and didn’t know what to do. Many people think that lawyers know everything, but the reality is he didn’t know anything about child custody at that time, so he was scared! Brian sat on the other side of the attorney-client table, he didn’t know what to expect or what to do. 

After gaining custody of his son, he learned how to help people in a similar situation. He used his personal experience, and then he gained additional professional experience with the state’s attorney, as well as in private practice. Brian has taken these personal and professional experiences, and he went out on his own because he believed there was a better way to help people through these difficult times in their life.

1:12 sales

4:24 where are they now, and then where do they want to be 

8:05 what is going to happen next

12:11 I ask questions, you give some answers

16:28 time, money, and reputation

19:53 that’s the option I want

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