Automating Your Billing Process with Sarah Schaaf Pop-Up Episode 139


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Today on the show we have Sarah Schaaf, lawyer and CEO of Headnote.

We’ll discuss Headnote, advice to lawyer parents, working in the legal field vs the tech field, and more.

Sarah has worked at a variety of firms and see the whole gamut of billing methods by law firms. What’s happening right now for most law firms is they send an invoice out and wait to see if they get a check a few weeks to months later. There’s a series of meetings and awkward collection calls, but in reality there is a lot of vagueness around the status of each funnel from collection to payment.

Headnote tracks all of these steps so your firm is wasting less time making collection calls and comparing notes and more time focusing on practicing the law.

Get $30 of free transaction fees from Headnote at:!/

Reach out to Sarah at:

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