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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Angela Barker. 

As a black, immigrant woman who started her law career as a single parent, Angela shares her unique perspective on how you can use your strength to find success in your personal and professional life.

Angela Barker’s role is to assist clients to prepare for and transition through various life stages, including pre-nuptial agreements in anticipation of marriage, advice, and counsel to clients considering a separation or divorce, and if necessary, representing clients in divorce negotiations and court proceedings. As a family lawyer, she supports her clients in seeking a fair and equitable distribution of assets created during the course of marriage, including a fair award of alimony/maintenance and support.

3:56 moot court

6:24 practicing family law

9:27 practice litigation the right way

12:06 quality of judges 

15:35 mandated mediation

19:00 road to independence

25:00 the bar exam

28:52 trip to Ghana

Watch the interview here.

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