Using Imposter Syndrome To Your Advantage with Alexis Austin
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Feeling some days like an imposter? We get it! And feel it too. In today’s episode, taken from MaxLawCon 2022, our guest Alexis Austin is teaching us all about using that feeling of imposter syndrome and working with it to make your law firm a better business. 


Not only does Alexis go over HOW you can embrace this feeling that most of us don’t want to feel but she also goes over why it’s a good thing and what we can look for when we feel this way. Hint: it’s a red flag to investigate and improve an area on your business on what she call “the 3 Pillars.” Listen in!


Episode Highlights:

02:44 Flip the script on your imposter feeling syndrome and trade your resource for this … 

04:17 The three pillars of your business and how to hone in …

05:40 The first p – Product as legal services 

07:51 The 2nd pillar – People and what they care about; flexibility, workspace and non-attorney to name a few …

11:16 The 3rd pillar – the Process … let’s make it easier! 


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