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Ever wonder what name you should name your company? If you rebranded your law firm, what would you name it? And why?! Today we are talking with our naming guest expert, Alexandra Watkins who’s claim to fame is being responsible for naming Wendy's “Banconator!” 

In this episode Alexandra goes over tips for naming your business with a memorable name. There is a process! Then she goes over the mistakes that you need to avoid when naming your company. Jim and Tyson also talk to her about why a name that is reflective of the company is so important and not naming your law firm after yourself is a great way to get started. 

Listen into this valuable episode and get the creative marketing juices flowing. 

Episode Highlights:

00:56 Meet Alexander

03:02 The qualities of a good brand name … hint, it’s not your name!

07:24 What NOT to do when naming your business

11:18 What to do when your exact match for a domain name is gone

13:03 The thought process to develop a good names 

14:12 How to change your brand name midstream

17:09 The importance of not being boring …

Jim’s Hack: Post regularly on LinkedIn (Mon-Fri) and see the surprising benefit of what happens and that is the awesome resumes that the lawyers and paralegals submit to your company!

Alexandra Tip: To test your brand name to see if it passes the “test” use S.M.I.L.E. and S.C.R.A.T.C.H. technique (listen all about these technique in episode 481) 

Tyson’s Tip: Use a bland white ceramic cup to drink your water or coffee from so that when you are on videos for marketing or on Zoom meetings you don’t trigger people with your Starbucks!

🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube here.

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