A One Woman Show Law Firm ft. Tina Willis ML098
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Tina Willis, an Orlando based Personal Injury lawyer. They will go over her mindset going on her own and her struggles running her boutique law firm, paying special attention to referrals and intake process. Also, Tina will share her thoughts and experience with Google Plus.

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“For anyone who is listening and starting his or her own firm, have belief and faith that you can learn how to do it and can compete…”

About Tina:
Tina cares a lot about lifestyle, health and fitness and she really wanted from her early days working on big firms, to find a balance between work and lifestyle and find a way to not have much stress as a lawyer. She worked for big firms until she realized that they were making all the money… That’s when she started her own business.

The Firm:
Boutique law firm focused on maintaining a case load that allows me to provide highly personalized service to all of my clients. Former law professor and bid defense firm lawyer.

Hacking’s hack: Automate your documents and follow up:

Tina’s tip:
At least learn the basics of SEA, so you ar at the point where you can at least evaluate the work SEO agencies are doing.

Tyson’s tip: Personalize your referral gifts. Listen to what people like and want to do, and think about it a little bit. That will make the difference in your gifts.


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