1 Year Anniversary: The One Big Tip
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In this episode listeners will take over the show and alongside Jim and Tyson, will give THE one big tip on marketing and running your own law firm.

Thank you everyone! It’s been an awesome first year and there are great things ahead!

In this episode:

Dan Ryan

Doug Biggs

Chris Finney

Gary Burger

Joey Vitale

John Fisher

JoAnn Holmes

Larry Weinstein

Matt Jet

Matt Vianello

Bertrand Mariaux

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Transcripts: 1 Year Anniversary: The One Big Tip

Tyson Mutrux
Welcome back, everybody to the maximum lawyer podcast. This is Tyson nutrix. Half of you are relieved to note that Jim hacking is not on the podcast right now. It’s me, Tyson nutrix, the other half of you will be relieved to know that he will be at the end of the podcast. So we’re going to do things a little bit differently this week, because this is the one year anniversary podcast. just side note, it is a little bit late coming out. So you’re going to get two episodes this week, we had some technical issues, trying to keep everything together. But you’re going to have a lot of valuable information this week. So make sure you get a pen and paper handy. You’re gonna hear from me a little bit, and then you’re gonna get some tips from you the listener. And then also at the very end, Jamie’s gonna give you a little bit of advice and wrap things up at the end. So my tip, my number one tip that I’m going to give to everyone is to plan. I’ve talked about this on the podcast before. But the better job you do at planning, the more you plan, the better your week will go, the better your quarter will go. And the better that your year will go. Trust me. Many people are afraid to take and set aside that three hours a week to do just planning. But I promise you, if you just try it out, give it a try for one month if you have to. So take four days out of your month. So the Monday of one month, let’s let’s use August. So if you started in August, take your first Monday. And then every Monday thereafter for the entire month. Just sit and plan for three hours. That’s all I want you to do. I promise you, you’ll you’ll you’ll it’ll pay dividends in the months to come. So that is my one big tip. And now we’re going to hear from you. Thanks, guys for listening this last year. It’s been great. We have a lot of great episodes to come. But let’s hear from you.

Jim Hacking
This tip comes from our friend John Fisher. And John writes fantastic job on the podcast. I would not throw my support behind your podcast unless I truly believe that it’s tremendous. I wrote the tax article entitled The most important thing that lawyers do in response to your request for my best tip. Like most things I went a bit overboard happy for thank you for your friendship, John Fisher. And I’m now going to read the tip from John. The most important thing that lawyers do 99% of lawyers take pride in being the consummate technician. Lawyers are proud of their skills as trial lawyers and brag about their war stories in court. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that trial lawyers almost never grasp the most important thing that they do get clients and that’s an all caps. Scott J Manning MBA marketing guru once told me the secret to a seven figure or eight figure law firm. The best lawyers view their law firm as a business and it’s been more than 50% of their time on marketing. Easier said than done. Yes, but no one said this would be easy. Are you a technician or entrepreneur Greg Goldfarb Esquire and ultra successful injury lawyer in South Florida spends 95% of his time on marketing. Craig’s firm sponsors community events about public safety and he sets aside at least two hours every week. Meeting with his marketing director. Greg’s investment of time and money on marketing has paid off big time. Paul Harding, Esquire, prominent injury lawyer in upstate New York requires each of his 119 employees to join three charitable organizations. Paul sponsors the organization’s charitable events as employees appear at their events on behalf of Paul’s firm, brilliant idea for instilling the entrepreneur mindset and employees. Joe Connor Esquire, an injury lawyer supports biker rallies for Harley riders throughout upstate New York. Joe goes to the rallies, chats with the bikers and throws money behind there causes nice way to support the bikers and it is paid off with referrals of seven figure cases, how to become an entrepreneur, okay, you know, getting clients is important, but what are you really doing about it? Your life is busy with depositions, trials, and just maybe some spare time with your spouse and kids. And by the end of the week, you’ve done no marketing, you won’t pay the price today, but you’ll pay over the next two to three years. Let’s say you’ve got no funds, no experience and have no clue where to start. No problem. My friend gets started doing these three almost cost free marketing tasks. 45 days of blog posts every day, lunch once a week with prospective referral partner, weekly email newsletter for your ideal referral partners costs just a few bucks for lunch. The rest only requires your time and patience in just a couple of months, your phone will start ringing easy, not quite. But if you don’t make time for marketing, you’ll be just like every other lawyer average. And remember, you have a huge advantage over the rest of your peers who aren’t doing any of this. Take small steps to improve your marketing. Building multimillion dollar law firm takes time and patience and won’t happen overnight. Just take small steps to improve your marketing every day and a year from now. You’ll be the envy of every lawyer In your town, we thank John Fisher for all the support of the podcast for the great guidance He’s given us over the years and especially for this tip. Thanks, John.

Unknown Speaker
Hi, this is Larry Weinstein. I’m a CPA in Houston, Texas, I do a lot of tax planning and preparation and also helping people solve IRS tax problems, my website, solve my tax My big tip is to be distinctive show up like no one else. And you can do that in the before stage before they actually become your client. I’m a big fan of using books for lead generation, not a whole lot of people is doing that. Also on the during, when they become a client, you’ve got to create a great client experience, put together a package welcoming them as new clients, be different be distinctive, the bar set very low in the professions. So if you do anything at all, you’re really going to set yourself apart from everybody else, and you’re going to be distinctive, you’re going to be memorable, and you’re going to become referable. And also your clients are going to love you and they’re going to be retained and stick with you for a long, long time. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker
This is Attorney Matt Jett with the law office of Matthew TeeJet. I am a personal injury and DWI attorney located in St. Louis. My one big tip is to document everything that comes in as far as clients and incoming calls so that you know where things are coming from and how those leads are coming to you.

Unknown Speaker
This is Matt Vianello, an attorney at Jacobson Prestonfield. And here’s my advice to all lawyers, be respectful and courteous to everyone that you come in contact with as part of this job. I don’t just mean the lawyers. I mean, support staff, court personnel, obviously judges and your opposing counsel. The respect that you earn as throughout your profession, will serve you for the entirety of your professional. Likewise, if people don’t respect you, if people think that you’re not an honorable person, that reputation is going to follow you. You can get a lot more out of opposing counsel, out of possible referral sources and out of the court if you are well respected. Thanks and good luck.

Unknown Speaker
Hi, I’m Joe Holmes of homes that law in Atlanta. My big tip is to be deliberate about your practice. Choose the right clients, establish great systems and advocate for your value. keep iterating so you can successfully hit the targets that matter to you.

Unknown Speaker
Hello, my name is Beckham, yo, Bertrand Mario, and my firm is Bertrand module Avoca. I’m French and I live and work in Luxembourg. And like give advice in social economy and impact listing in Luxembourg and France. And my one big tip about legal marketing would be to send maybe random messages to some contacts of yours personal contact professional contact and say hello, ask if a person is well and just to send a few words personality and privately to some bathrooms have your contact list. And I think overall, after widely can be very beneficial to your immediate network. And so that’s my big tip I would recommend bear in mind that I’m just humble beginner in legal marketing and and they’re running a law firm. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker
Hi, I’m Dan Ryan from the Law Offices of Daniel T. Ryan, and I’ve been asked to give you my one big tip for the day. My one big tip for the day is to be thorough, and do the work and do the work with precision. Whether it be a $2,000 soft tissue case, or a $20 million products case. Work harder than now. Stay focused on your case not on what theirs is and be precise with your evidence and make them please be precise with theirs with the final directive is outwork them.

Unknown Speaker
My name is Doug Biggs with Longo Biggs from St. Louis, Missouri. And my one big tip for law practice marketing is to find a comfortable online presence. And I think that everyone would agree that having an online presence is critical to successful law practice. It’s marketing. But finding the presents that you’re most comfortable with, that you and your firm are most comfortable with is what will give you the most success. With that online presence with so many different platforms and options, like Facebook, YouTube, Avo, and legal directories like find law and You know, there’s different practice areas, different sized law firms and different personalities of each lawyer, that will necessitate different comfort levels for everyone. And whether it’s being comfortable with your content, such as generating videos or Facebook post, or being comfortable the type of responses, the amount of responses and calls you’re going to get from each online listing, each platform will require a different comfort level to be successful. So my one big tip is to explore these options, whether it be an online directory, whether it’s putting out content on Facebook post or generating videos. And, you know, just depending on what you’re most comfortable with, and what you find your firm is most comfortable with, for your online presence. So that would be my one big tip.

Unknown Speaker
Hello, I’m Gary Burger with burger law in St. Louis, Missouri. My one big tip is to surrender to marketing and running your law business. I talk to a lot of lawyers who lament having to market and manage and run their business. Acceptance is the answer to all your problems today. When you get or disturbed or resistant to marketing and running your law business. It’s because you find your law practice situation unacceptable. You will find no serenity, until you accept that you have to market and run your business. If you resist it, you will be unhappy if you surrender to it and Judo it and double down on it, you will be happy and love marketing and managing your practice. This is a lesson that I take from Tyson and Jim and their love of marketing and passion for it. That is not the law. Some lawyers think that we are in an ivory tower and we’re too good to get down in the dirt and work and run a business. And they constantly have that little chip on their shoulder. But you need to surrender to that and enjoy it. Learn about marketing. Make it fit your practice, do it don’t just have ideas, the road to hell is paved with those good intentions, pick out certain things to do and do them even imperfectly, try it and mess up. That’s the only way we learn when we try cases. That’s the only way we learn when we market and run our businesses. So when Joy marketing surrender to it and have fun with it and just take action items every day or every week to market and grow your practice. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker
I’m Joey Vitaliy with indie law from Chicago. My one big tip is to niche down with your practice. Because the more specific you can be with who your target market is, the louder your brand voice will be.

Unknown Speaker
Hi, my name is Chris Finney from nutrix fini and St. Louis. I one big tip is client communication. I think the biggest thing that has been successful for me and for our practice has been setting client expectations right at the get go about what the expectation is on communication, and updates and things of that nature. I think once you clear that out of the way right at the beginning, it makes for a much smoother attorney client relationship and then ultimately a more trusting relationship which will lead to a more successful outcome.

Jim Hacking
And there you have it, our tips from all of our loyal friends. We thank everybody for listening to the show for the last year. We really are excited about where things are headed. And we’ve got some great guests lined up. We’re also really grateful for everyone for sharing their best tips. Now remember when it comes to tips that you can get bogged down with too many tips and too much information. And like Gary said, you need to take action, and it’s action that will determine how successful you are. And how will you grow your firm. So thanks for listening. We look forward to exciting things ahead and we appreciate the support

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