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In this episode, Jim and Tyson finish their talk with attorney Will Norman. This time, he will give us an update on his process and explain his “5, 5, 5 Plan”. Also, Jim and Tyson will go through a list of suggestions to help Will move forward with his firm.

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Will’s 5, 5, 5 plan consists on building 3 different referral networks and to obtain 5 cases from each of them. Jim and Tyson will share their thoughts about it…

“When you are starting out, I think it’s helpful to think big, and not arbitrarily hold yourself back…”

List of quick tips from Jim and Tyson after reading Will’s questions in the Facebook Group:
1. Don’t answer your own phone.
2. Have a system to capture all the information you can from anyone who calls so you can add the to your database.
3. Nitch down.
4. Take notes, CRM, keep track. “As you grow, you want people to know what’s going on with your cases.”
5. Focus on the big things. The vision. The goal.
6. Have a lead magnet strategy. Keep track of client questions.
7. Outsource

Tyson’s tip: A really cool and simple app to create icons, designs and more!

Hacking’s hack: A course to teach you about automation. It’s excellent.

Will’s tip: A book. MacCarthy on Cross-Examination, by Terence MacCarthy. A great resource on how to get what want out of cross examination.

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