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Would you like to learn more about sharing Youtube videos more efficiently? In this episode, Tyson shares a tech tip on how to link a specific time to a Youtube video.

If you are sending a video to a client, it can be helpful to inform them of a specific part so they do not waste time watching the whole video (that is if they don’t need to). It is all about making it easier for your clients. On the desktop browser, all you do is go to the Youtube video, move the cursor of your mouse to the part of the video that needs to be shared, click the share button under the video, select “Start at” (make sure the time listed is correct), select copy and then paste the link it to an email or text thread.

At the end of the day, it is important that attorneys make processes that are simple and efficient. This will ultimately help clients understand what is happening with their cases.

Listen in to learn more!

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:24 The benefits of linking to a specific time in a YouTube video
  • 2:16 Step-by-step instructions on how to link to a specific time in a YouTube video
  • 10:11 The benefits of sending a specific segment of a YouTube video to clients

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Transcripts: Save Time and Effort: Linking to Specific Times in YouTube Videos for Attorneys & Clients

Hey, it's Tyson and I'm back with another quick tech tips episode that you can use in your practice. Today we're going to talk about how to link to a specific time in a YouTube video. And if you don't know how, it's far easier in some ways and far more complicated in other ways. And so I'm going to go through both of the ways. Before I get into this though, if there are other tips that you want me to cover on the show, let me know. I'm happy to do it. Just shoot me a text 314-501-9260 and I will jump right in and try to cover if I can. Alright, so we're gonna get into the how but first a little bit about the why. Linking to a specific time in a YouTube video can be a really useful trick when you want to share a specific segment of a video especially if you've got lengthier videos that you're sending to your clients and you only want them to see a very specific part of it and without watching the entire video. It'll allow you to highlight that one area and just let them know, no need to watch after that certain point. I'm sending you the exact part of the video that I want you to watch, something like that. But it can be very useful in your marketing or whenever you're dealing with your current clients and you want them to just see a certain part of a video. It's a… It's a really helpful way and it's really helpful for your clients too. Like anytime that you can remove some of that friction for them, it's going to be beneficial for you. All right. So let's get into the desktop version and this is the easy way. And for those of you listening, I'm going to, I'm going to talk through this, but I'll, I'm also going to on YouTube. You can see it on YouTube as well, but for people just listening, I am going to walk you through and give you very specific instructions. But just know that for those of you watching on YouTube, or also know that if you're just listening, you can also watch it on YouTube. So check it out there. And so the video I'm sharing today, a portion of it, is an interview we did with Hona, which, and they are, it used to be called Milestones, but it's a really cool company. So check them out. They are an app, we're not getting paid for this, but Hona, you're welcome. They're an app though, not an app, it's a program, it's a software that allows you to update clients at certain milestones in your cases, and it links with all of the major case management systems. So here's what you do. All right. So, It's like I said, it's really easy. So all you're gonna do once you're in your desktop browser is you're gonna go to the YouTube video, you're gonna move the little cursor, the handle to the segment of the video that you want to share, okay? And all you're gonna do is you're gonna go down to the share button, you're gonna click the share button, and then there's the little box, there's a check box at the bottom of the pop-up, and you're gonna check it. and it says start at and you can change it allow you to change the time but where you've moved it to will already be in the box and if you do want to change it right now my video says 10 minutes and 58 seconds uh if i want it to be let's say at the 14 minute mark i'll just go 14 minutes 14 00 it's like i said it is really simple that's all you have to do it is not any more complicated than that uh and then once you've done that you click copy Okay, you click copy and then you paste it wherever you want. All right, like I said, this is a very, very simple one. The iPhone is a little bit more complicated. I'm gonna do the iPhone version. I don't have an Android, but I am gonna walk you through how to do it with the iPhone. So let's do that now. So let me switch over to the iPhone and I'll… go from there. So on the iPhone what you're gonna do is, and here's where this gets more complicated, on the iPhone you this is this what am I show you here I'm gonna go through the other ways, on the iPhone you can only share in a very easy way if the video has chapters. Okay this will not work unless you have chapters. So I encourage you to start adding chapters to your videos anyways, but on this video what you'll do is you move the cursor over to where the part of the video that you want to share, so the chapter that you want to share. And once you've done that… and I'm going to clip this part and then redo that because I forgot I was not recording yet. Alright, so on the iPhone it is actually, it's pretty easy if there are chapters in the video. So if you have chapters in your videos, great. This is going to be very easy. I'm going to go get to the more complicated ones in a second. But if there is, then it's going to be easy because all you do is you move the video to where you want, which chapter you want to share. And let me just also say, if you don't, if you do not have chapters, it'd be nice for you to add them. Start adding them. It's going to be helpful for your clients. If you don't, don't worry about it. I'm going to get through, get to other ways to share in a second. But what you'll do is you'll just move the cursor over to where you're going to drag it to the chapter you want to share. And then you're going to see below other chapters are going to, they're going to pop up. But the one that you moved it to is gonna, it's gonna be highlighted. And what you do is you click the share button and then you either copy the link or you hit one of the buttons. There's multiple, as you can see, options. You can send it in Messenger, you can send it to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, messages. So you can do all these different ways. So if you do that, it'll allow you to share it that chapter only. And you can see, you can move through the different ones. and you can click on them and it'll allow you to share those different chapters. Very easy. So this one's easy. Where there are videos when it's, there's no chapters, it, like I said, it gets more complicated. So let me get through those. What you need to do is if there's no chapters, you need to again scroll to the video where that you want to share. And you're going to go, all you do is you're going to go to the… share option and you're gonna copy the link but you need to make a note of where on the video you want to share. So let's say I want to do five minutes and 36 seconds. Okay so five minutes and actually you know what I'm gonna do so I can do easy math on this one. Let's do I'm gonna do 60 seconds or one minute I'm gonna do one minute. You'll understand in a moment why I want to do one It's hard for me to do one minute, but pretend that's on one minute. So I want to share the one minute part. So I'm going to go through and I've copied it. So I click the share button. I click, I copy the link. And then now what I'm going to do is I am going to copy it. I'm going to paste it now to where, where you put it, wherever you're going to share it. And then you're going to type in. the question mark, the letter T, and then equals, and your different options are, you can share it in seconds, you can share it in minutes, you can share it in minutes and seconds, you can share it in hours, but you're gonna need to know which way you're gonna share it. So if I'm gonna share it in seconds, I would put, so question mark T equals, and then 60, and then an S behind it. For seconds, it really doesn't matter, you don't have to put the S behind it. You can do with the S or without the S. When it comes to minutes, I would do the exact same way, but I would put in one, so for one minute, so that's 60 seconds, and then see what you could put the M. All right? If it were an hour, what I would do is I would put in one and then M, so instead it'll say it was 60 minutes. You would do one and then H. All right, and that's how it would work. If it were an hour and a half, okay? what you would do is you would type in 1H. 30m okay, that's how it work and then our you can do our hours minutes seconds So let me let me do one more time for you, so I let's say it's a one hour 30 minutes 30 seconds Okay, that's what it would be so in that situation you type in question mark t equals and then 1h 30m 30s alright, that's I told you it's more complicated, but that's how you would do it is and that's the that's the complicated way of doing it, but as of 2023 It is not yet. They've not yet updated their app to make it easier for you to share a specific timestamp But don't worry. There are other options. There's apps out there that you can download That will allow you to do it third-party apps and you there's a there's a variety of them I'm not even gonna mention any of because there's a bunch just search YouTube timestamp in the app store And that works for Android and Apple. So either way. There is a shortcut. I'm going to tell you, this is the last one I'm going to show you. Or I'm going to tell you about, I don't have it down. I feel like this is more complicated in some ways than just doing the seconds and minutes. Because you can just type it in. As long as you remember that code, the question mark T equals. Question mark t equals all right time t is in time equals so Question mark t equals I'm gonna say it again question mark t equals and then the seconds minutes or hours whatever you're gonna use okay? But the last way is you can actually download a shortcut in This is only on Apple. They don't have an option in Android, but you can download a shortcut from Routine hub and it's called YouTube start at time VT 0.0 and What you can do is if you just Google that just Google YouTube or yeah Google's YouTube start at time VT point Oh point zero. I mean I keep saying oh but point zero It'll come up and you can download it if you want to use that and that'll allow you to do it from your iPhone With with and all you do in that situation is You'll you'll say add shortcut. I'm sorry you'll say share Video at and whatever the time is and it'll do it for you It'll give you that time and you can share it that way, but I just find that that's more complicated So I'm hoping this is helpful for you As you can tell just share it on the desktop and it'll be far easier for you to do And I will say the linking does matter it. It's if you think about the habits of internet users then think about it, wouldn't you much rather, if you're a client, wouldn't you much rather just have the segment that your attorney wants you to watch as opposed to watching the whole damn video? So if you, let's say we have a lot of deposition trainings and a lot of them are on YouTube, I'm sure our clients would, if I only want my client to watch a certain part of it, I'm sure that they would rather me just send that part of it as opposed to the whole video. And so our clients in many ways are just like us. So keep that in mind. So keep it in mind and they're gonna really appreciate it. So all right, in summary, linking to a specific time in a YouTube video, it's not only a practical trick for you, but it's very beneficial for your clients. It's a very considerate gesture to them. But make sure you check out our other episodes that are coming up and any past episodes. And remember that consistent action is the blueprint that turns your goals into reality. Take care. Sharon, hopefully that works out. I've got a, just so you know, I've got a screen share that I did on my iPhone. I could not figure out how to share my iPhone. So I'm gonna figure out how to get that to you. So I'll let you know. Thank you.

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