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Have you ever accidentally closed a browser tab and did not know how to recover it? In this episode of the Maximum Lawyer Podcast, Tyson shares a helpful tech tip on how to reopen closed browser tabs.

Tyson shares how to recover browser windows for both PC and Mac users. For PC users, the method to recover browser windows is clicking Ctrl, shift and T. In order to restore multiple windows, press the same keys over and over and the tabs will reopen in reverse order of when they closed. If you want to use your mouse instead, go to the browser, right click and select “reopen closed tabs”.

For Mac users, the way to recover tabs is pretty similar. It is Command, shift and T. It is important to be mindful that not all Mac computers have the same right click option that PC computers do. If you do not have it set up, use the right click option that your laptop has already (this could be through using the touchpad).

Listen in to learn how to save time with this tip!

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:24 The common issue of accidentally closing a browser tab
  • 1:16 Two methods to reopen a closed browser tab

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Transcripts: The Ultimate Tech Tip for Restoring Closed Browser Tabs

Speaker 1 (00:00:01) - Run your law firm the right way. The right way. This is the Maximum lawyer podcast. Podcast. Your hosts, Jim Hacking and Tyson Metrics. Let's partner up and maximize your firm. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 2 (00:00:24) - Hey, everyone. Tyson here with another episode of Max Lore Tech tips geared to streamline your digital legal world. Today's topic is something that I'm sure that all of us have faced at some point that's accidentally closing that browser tab and wondering how to get it back. I've got the solution for you here before I get to it though, as always, if there's a specific topic that you would like me to cover, don't hesitate to text me about it. At (314) 501-9260. And remember that if you want stage one of maximum lawyer and minimum time absolutely free, just text stage 123145019260. All right, so let's get into it. Why? So why should we focus on reopening a closed browser tab? Well, because it happens. You all know it's happened to you and it can be a real pain.

Speaker 2 (00:01:16) - You might be knee deep in research, you might halfway through some must see video. You might be filling out some crucial form, and then all of a sudden, poof, that tab is gone. Knowing how to restore it can save both time and stress and a lot of headache. So here we go. For PC users, all you do, it's the there's a key keyboard shortcut for both PC and Mac users. So I'm going to cover both bases. I'm a mac person, but you can you can do these on both keyboard shortcut. All you do is hit Ctrl shift and T Ctrl shift T, that's it. And poof, the tab that you're missing magically reappears. It's really simple to restore multiple tabs. Just keep pressing the same keys and they'll reopen in reverse order of when they close. All right. It's really simple. There's another method. This is what I usually do, even though it's interesting because I'm usually a keyboard person where I use a lot of short codes. This is something where I just use my mouse for some reason, but just the right click method.

Speaker 2 (00:02:23) - All you do is you go to the browser where your tabs are displayed and you just right click and you choose reopen close tab. Now I have noticed and I use Chrome. This does work in other browsers. Not all. It doesn't work in safari just so you know. But because I did test that out and it didn't, it did not work. But I am a chrome user. But you have to right click whenever you're in Chrome and this is for Mac, but it's going to be the same thing for PC. You can't right click one of the other tabs that's open. You got to click to the right of it, whether it's the actual bar, right? You don't click on the actual tab, you click on the bar. All right. So just keep that in mind. So if you're clicking, you're trying this, you click on the bar to the right of the tabs, not the actual tabs. All right. So for Mac users, those of you that are Mac users, you probably know what the keyboard shortcut is at this point.

Speaker 2 (00:03:13) - It's command shift. T So instead of using control, it's command. So command shift. T And that's going to bring them up same way, same thing applies. Keep tapping and then those will pop back up just like on the PC. And there's also the right click method, same way right click the tab and boom, not everybody has the right click setup on Macs, so you might have to if you have a setup where at the tap, two fingers or three fingers, it's whatever your right click method is. So I know that people change it. I, I've got the right click set up just because I, you know, I was raised on PCs, but I know that some people have it set up differently so keep that in mind too. So so if you're right, click method is to tap three fingers or two fingers, whatever yours is, keep that in mind, All right? Because. Because in the hustle and bustle of the day, these quick shortcuts can be sanity savers.

Speaker 2 (00:04:03) - I know that before I knew this, it drove me nuts. But. All right, let's wrap things up. Before I wrap things up, though, just a quick reminder, if you leave us a review, that'd be fantastic. Really appreciate it. And then subscribe if you've not done so already. If you've not, what are you doing? Come on, subscribe. Thanks for tuning in. Really appreciate it. Be sure to join me next week for another tech tip that will up your digital game to the next level. Hopefully always remember Consistent action is the blueprint that turns your goals into reality. Take care.

Speaker 1 (00:04:33) - Thanks for listening to the Maximum Lawyer podcast. Stay in contact with your host and to access more content. Go to maximum Have a great week and catch you next time.

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