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In this episode, Jim & Tyson will go over a list of 6 reasons why Jim’s firm is transitioning away from Infusionsoft to another softwares.

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  • Jim and Tyson’s history with Infusionsoft
    • Maximum Lawyer wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Infusionsoft
    • Discussions about running a law firm


The list:

  1. Infusionsoft is at the end of the day, build for Marketing; it’s really clunky when it comes to run a law firm off of it
  2. The sales pipeline itself and using the sales pipeline to try to show a client’s movement (Infusionsoft opportunities) in the during unit through the process of a case is extremely difficult
  3. Infusionsoft is not keeping up with it’s competitors
  4. Infusionsoft is expensive
  5. Immigration is not that strong as other softwares when it comes to Immigration
  6. The Infusionsoft Conference (ICON) got canceled. It was the best conference we’ve ever been to


Jim’s hack: Take a look on what you are doing and all the pieces software you are using. It makes you analyze where you are spending your money and what’s most effective. And be open to looking at other things, other pieces of software that might do things a little better.


Tyson’s tip: Tyson had urgent need of an answering service and he’s been using ReceptionHQ. They really pulled through.




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